Tips To Select The Best Dark Chocolate

    Choosing the best dark chocolate will not only help you enjoy its full flavor but also reap the health benefits associated with it. When you are planning to pick up the finest dark chocolate, you will have to consider a few pointers to grab the best one in the market. Opt for fair trade, organic dark chocolate that has undergone least process and also makes sure it has an optimal level of cocoa solids as well as very few ingredients. The chocolate you buy should be in the dark mahogany shade, have a smooth texture but stay firm when you touch and should melt in your mouth to release an intense flavor. Also, make sure that the dark chocolate has non-fat cocoa solids and very less sugar to stay fit and healthy.

    Rules To Choose The Right Dark Chocolate

    You will have to remember certain rules when buying dark chocolate to taste the healthiest and premium quality chocolate within your budget.

    1. Cocoa Content

    Choosing bulk dark chocolate bars with high cocoa content will help you enjoy maximum health benefits from the antioxidant-rich components like flavonoids, procyanidins, and polyphenols that are present in non-fat cocoa solids. Choose the dark chocolate that has a high percentage of cocoa content ranging from 70% to 80%. The more the percentage of cocoa in dark chocolate, the more will be the number of health benefits. The percentage of cocoa also indicates that it is an organic product that does not have any added sweetness.

    1. Choose Organic Chocolates

    Make sure that you buy only organic chocolates to stay assured that it is not extremely processed with synthetic chemicals, as it will destroy a high amount of antioxidants in it. Plus, organic chocolates lower your exposure to the effect of pesticides and chemicals, as it is sourced from the cacao trees grown in organic farms. Select the dark chocolates that come with the USDA Organic stamp on the wrapper that indicates that it is an organic product that has undergone fewer processes and does not have any added flavors, colors and preservatives.

    1. Go For Fairtrade Dark Chocolates

    Fairtrade refers to a social movement held at an international level for helping the farmers in the developing nations to get fair wages, achieve improved trading and working conditions and follow sustainable farming. It also offers financial aid through the investment in local communities and helps in avoiding child labor. Ensure that you choose Fairtrade chocolate, as it will help in improving the fair wages of the farmers while improving the transparency of naturally safe growing methods.

    1. Buy Non-Alkalized Chocolates

    Few companies process cocoa by alkalizing to lower acidity levels, smooth its bitterness and improve its color. During this Dutch processing activity, sodium hydroxide, potassium carbonate or sodium carbonate is added after or before roasting. The process of alkalizing lowers the antioxidant and procyanidins properties of cocoa, which in turn decreases its health benefits. To check if chocolate is alkalized, check the label for terms like “alkali, treated with tartaric acid, citric acid or phosphoric acid or Dutch.”