Top 5 careers for people who want to make a difference

    Career aspirations do not have to center around a particular job but can involve you dreaming of achieving a particular thing in terms of how you make people feel. For those of you who hope to make a difference in the role you take on and perhaps you are not yet entirely sure how to go about doing this, continue reading for our top 5 careers to achieve just that.

    1. Health care worker

    There are many opportunities to work in the health care sector. From nurses to phlebotomists, surgeons to porters, each role makes a massive difference to the lives of those being cared for. Of course, with each job in the health industry, pay differs vastly as do the qualifications you are expected to have and the level of responsibility awarded to you. However, if you really wish to have a positive impact, these jobs certainly offer that. 

    1. Teacher

    Known as a vocation rather than a job to some, teaching is an incredibly rewarding role. Whether you are considering working with those just starting their formal education or you would prefer to work with high school students, all stages have their own challenges. Teaching is not a profession you can enter into with your eyes closed. You will need a degree as well as a teaching certification. It may be worth doing some volunteer work to ensure it is what you would like to do before taking on the coursework required. If you are interested in teaching at the college level or being on the administrative side of things you may have to enroll in a doctorate in education online program.

    1. Parole office

    There are a vast number of roles within the US justice system. A parole officer works with those who have committed offences, spent time in jail and have now been released on parole, possibly because of good behavior and having toed the line. Related qualifications include a criminology degree UK, which can offer a fantastic foundation for understanding the criminals whom you may be expected to support. 

    1. Police officer

    Another role within the emergency services, a police officer has an incredibly varied role. One day, you could be informing a relative that lost a loved one has died tragically in a car accident and the next, you may be visiting a local school giving a talk to teenagers about why they should avoid drugs. There are so many aspects to the job, but all help to make the community a safer and better place. It is undoubtedly a fulfilling choice to make. 

    1. Social worker

    There are several areas in which a social worker can work. The main one that people think about when they hear the job title is supporting children and families when they are struggling to cope. It may be that there is a history of domestic abuse within the household or one member is fighting a battle with drugs or alcoholism. As well as communicating directly with families, they also liaise with other agencies who will be able to offer more directed help for the people in need. It can be a demanding role to leave behind at the end of the day, but a gratifying career path to choose.