Top 6 Best Offshore Jurisdictions for Forex

Niche of Forex-brokerage is firmly established in every jurisdiction. Establishing offshore Forex-project is attractive because company gets possibilities to work in a tax-favorable space, while having access to a reliable and profitable market. Below we’ll look at the 6 best countries most suitable for Forex-trading.

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Types of offshore Forex-brokers

Forex-brokers are increasingly choosing offshore locations for registering companies. This trend is quite natural, since an organization located in the zone of simplified taxation gets the possibilities to engage clients on favorable terms. You can launch and head next-mentioned two categories of companies offshore:

  • licensed brokerage firm;
  • non-regulated forex-brokers. It’s a firm operating without licensed permission. It needs to get a legal opinion where a professional lawyer provides grounds for unlicensed activities taking into account local normative basis.

Whatever type of business it is, both offshore countries with appropriate licenses and those where forex-activity isn’t controlled, depending on the needs, can suit both a classic broker and a market-maker.

Tips on choosing the best offshore jurisdiction for forex-brokers

Each forex-broker is interested in finding a region for establishing a business on favorable terms. In turn, such firms offer various conditions for licensing and controlling commercial deals of market intermediaries. It is quite natural any company seeks to obtain certification in zones completely exempted business-activities from taxation.

Main parameters for choosing an offshore zone, which are analyzed when choosing, as a rule, are as follows:

  • features of taxation in this economic zone, offshore benefits;
  • political, economic stability, legal protection of commercial interests;
  • ease and speed of establishment actions in offshore zones;
  • the amount of registration fees, the cost of annual maintenance in chosen space;
  • country’s popularity and image, presence in the sanctions lists;
  • infrastructure development in the offshore zone.

The choice depends on the region where the broker plans to work, the type of business and the presence of regulation, which for licensed securities dealers has more options for bank where you can open account. When selecting a country, one needs to bear in mind all nuances related to forex-activities, particularly, CFD fluctuations, stability of overall financial situation, the frequency of changes in currency rates, and so on.

Our experts will provide you with comprehensive professional assistance in selecting profitable and optimal offshore zone in terms of conditions for development of your Forex-project. We have vast experience in market – it makes us true professionals committed to our work.

Examples of best offshore jurisdictions for forex-brokers

Examples of perfect spaces that establish appealing conditions for Forex-brokers are next-mentioned.

Cayman islands

Caymans are the No. 1 premium offshore spaces for establishing and launching Forex-projects. Stable economical situation prevails in this country, and appealing tax regime makes it attractive to foreign traders. In particular, there isn’t income or capital taxes in jurisdiction; it makes Caymans very appealing for those entrepreneurs who aim to decrease tax duties. Besides, country sets fairly slight requirement list. 

Financial niche on the islands is very well-developed, and a strong regulatory basis. It provides highest level of safety for investors, which is also an important argument in favor of this space.


It’s also one of tax-havens for entrepreneurs. Such status is determined and reinforced by the fact that in Seychelles there are no taxes on profit received from various transactions, capital increase and currency control. This gives the maximum freedom for Forex-trading firms, providing a certain amount of flexibility in the ownership of a commercial project.

Thus, this territory belongs to the zones free from taxes for foreigners. In fact, any forex-broker operating through this offshore and not considered its resident can freely cash out their profits and conduct unregulated deals.


It’s a classic free zone with a very benign taxation system. In particular, such a regime that operates on the islands does not include and does not need next-mentioned categories of tax collections: corporate incomes, capital increases and profits received from various transactions.

Comoros is mainly appealing to large intermediaries that spread services in several regions worldwide. Additionally, Memorandum discussed and adopted in St. Vincent was a catalyst for increased attention and interest in Comoros. After all, this’s how investors possess the possibilities to show the presence of a license received from authorized regulative authority.


A forex-broker established in this country receives benefits based on its type of activity and scale of business-operations. Based on the amount of income, the intermediary pays various amounts to the state treasury. Offshore firms established at the local level are completely exempt from paying taxes. They also receive official rights to open banking accounts and run business-activities globally, with the exception of Mauritius.

An important factor increasing attractiveness of this offshore for brokerage-business is the simplicity of the registration procedure. Thus, general requirement list there isn’t so strict. 

Cape Verde

This offshore guarantees a high degree of security and confidentiality of personal data of both broker and his/her clients. Jurisdiction is quite appealing and widely-known among investors because of its tax regime for business structures. In particular, there are no taxes on corporate incomes, capital increases and profits.It is in high demand among Forex traders who are interested in minimal local control and regulation.


Plus to well-developed infrastructure, Labuan also offers an excellent and most appealing tax regime for international capital-holders. In particular, there are no corporate-type taxes, on capital increases and on withdrawn profits.

In particular, Labuan has a wide popularity among those traders who wish to conquer and work in the Asian markets. Due to its location, it interacts with many providers from Asian countries.

Best offshore companies country for tax reduction

A forex-broker established in offshore zone, in any case, receives a number of tax privileges, so it will be an excellent solution to reduce the tax burden. How long does it take to launch such a company? The term for opening a firm from scratch varies based on jurisdiction and initial data of commercial project. On average, process’ timeframes are up to 3-4 months. Same applies to the cost of this procedure: it is individually calculated in each case.

Our experts will help you and accompany you every step of this way. We’re pleased to offer you completely ready-to-work companies with the necessary permits. Our managers will calculate for you the cost of opening an enterprise, without concealing the slightest nuance from you. With us, it’ll be fast and effective.

This article was prepared by Denys Chernyshov, a lawyer, founder and CEO of the well-known company Eternity Law International, as well as the recently launched international medical project Eternity Life Clinics.