Top Spots To Stargaze In Your RV This Summer

Nothing can quite beat parking up in your RV and lying under the stars for the evening. Or, endless evenings. If you have an RV or are looking to hire one to enjoy an ultimate freeing wanderlust experience, then you will want to make sure you pick the best spots for stargazing. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know of any because we’ve got you covered. Here are the top spots to stargaze in your RV this summer. 

Acadia National Park, New England

If you are into birds as well as stargazing, then Acadia National Park is a must for your travel list. You can spend all day here soaking up the beautiful landscapes and the summer evenings stargazing in or from your campervan. 

The coastal park on the edge of Maine is ideal for those who love adventure. You can cycle, hike, and kayak during the daytime. There is endless activity to do and the most beautiful starry nights to fill your evenings with.

To make your trip super comfortable you can install a custom mattress into your RV. This way you can stargaze for hours on end and be in ultimate comfort. 

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

For those who want to witness endless stars under the sandstone formations, look no further than Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. the red rock country landscape is abundant with wide-open skies for the most beautiful starry evenings. 

There are even evening hikes to enjoy in groups, so you can witness the beauty from your RV or on a hike before setting up camp for the night. 

Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley is California’s third darkest and largest international park in the United States. Its vast open desert landscape is ideal for those who want nothing but quiet. 

It is for gazing at the Milky Way and watching meteor showers as well as millions of stars. RVs can park here in winter or summer. The weather won’t put you off as you will want to witness the night skies and countless stars. 

Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

This state park is famous in Pennsylvania for its cherry trees. However, its night skies are just as breathtaking. 

At Cherry Springs State Park you can enjoy incredible views as the skies are pitch black at night. So it will feel like there is nobody but you and your RV in the world when the sun goes down. 

The Headlands Park, Michigan

Whether you are from Michigan or want to venture there in your RV this summer, you do not want to miss The Headlands Park. 

Here you will find intense dark skies at night. If you are lucky, you might even witness the Northern Lights. There are programmed events so you have a better chance. Yet, you can always head here to stargaze in your RV no matter the date. 

Look no further than these top spots for stargazing this summer in your RV. There are endless magical night skies to enjoy. You’ve just got to pick the best parks with wide-open spaces to enjoy millions upon millions of beautiful stars. 

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