Trade Show: Before the Day

    Small-scale businesses and startups have one thing in common – attracting people in trade show booths, especially when not enough preparation was put into the day. Well established brands are devoid of this problem, which is why the former needs to work especially harder to gain the public’s attention.

    An exhibition stand design in Dusseldorf may be capable of attracting the public, but sometimes, it takes more than on the day work to get the attention you aspire to have.

    Preparation is vital, and it is something that you need to remember.

    • Pre-Show Media Marketing

    This is the best strategy to gain interest from the public before the trade show.

    There are two ways you can do this. One way is to draft a press release. This will be your opportunity to outline the reasons why you plan on attending the upcoming trade show, and what are your plans during the day. You can then send them to media outlets that you know are covering the event or have covered the event before. It would gain you a following it is featured.

    Another way of going about it is making yourself available for interviews prior to the event. That way, you get free marketing, and free advertisement where you can invite people to your booth. You may even gain the favor of the event organizer because that is also free exposure and advertisement for the events itself.

    • Reach Out to Others

    The media is not the only you can reach out to the public. You may even have e-mail lists that you can use. Let them aware of the upcoming event. Invite them to your booth. Maybe let them try your products beforehand because you could use their positive feedback as testament on your booth’s design. Their negative feedback could urge you to perfect the custom trade show exhibits products before the trade show.

    Also, do not forget to use social media simply because you get to reach out to more individuals that way.  

    • Formal Invitation

    This adds formality to the invitation you may have sent through e-mails. Also, it makes it more personal giving it a sense of genuine interest on your part for them to come over. This appeals to the public inviting them to your brand.

    Just remember to do the same to those who are loyal to your brand, and not just those who you want to be there. Reward their loyalty with your loyalty towards them.

    Pre-show marketing is filled more with inviting people to come. It does not matter if it was for the event itself, or specifically to your booth. Either way, the more people are in the event, the higher the chances for the public to notice your brand, and the products that you have on offer.

    At the end of the day, trade shows are all about exposure, and that is beyond what a successful stand design for an exhibition in Dusseldorf can do. It takes work, and it normally starts even before the day of the trade show.