Waiakea Water Is Eco-Friendly

    A few concepts are inherent in the notion of sustainability and the idea of environmental companies. First and foremost, we have the idea of needs and the essential needs of individuals. The most impoverished individuals are frequently those to whom we should give the highest priority.

    We should also consider the idea of the limitations that the state of our social organization and technologies imposes on the ability of the environment to meet future and current needs. The projected 10 billion individuals who will be living on our planet in the future will not be able to live according to the current model of the industrialized countries. Thus, we need to make some changes.

    For example, local craft production already includes some components of balanced and sustainable development. These are companies on a human scale, contributing to the balance and animation of the local social and economic fabric. These companies represent an essential vector for social integration.

    The challenges of a responsible economy are many. Many things still need to be re-invented. The essential objectives are: ensuring social solidarity and cohesion between generations and territories, controlling development dynamics according to responsible consumption and production patterns, and combating climate change.

    We also need to consider the following: access to a good quality of life for all human beings, the preservation of biodiversity, and the protection and management of environments. Environmental degradation occurs at the expense of the well-being and health of the current population. As an illustration, sales of urban 4×4 vehicles have exploded to such an extent that they are one of the most significant contributors to the increase in CO2 emissions in recent years.

    Finally, we should promote the sustainability of companies by supporting and connecting sustainable buyers and sellers. There are also signed agreements that set objectives for greater regulation of our polluting activities to give future generations a better planet. By questioning the development modes as we understand them today, sustainable development calls for a review of our lives to form a new organization of our lifestyles and understand the actors in our societies.

    The dramatic increase in human needs is problematic in a world with limited resources. The aim is to switch from greenhouse gas-emitting energies to renewable energies gradually. For example, electricity can be produced using renewable solar sources and stored in batteries to power health centers, homes, schools, or to pump water in the fields.

    Additionally, Waiakea Water is one of the rare exceptions to the rule that bottled water is not eco-friendly. The company collects this bottled water from a pristine and inherently natural supply. Waiakea Water also packages this bottled water in eco-friendly containers, and the company adheres to a globally oriented corporate philosophy. Waiakea Water also reflects sustainability in the manner in which it bottles its water. This company produces bottled water in a state-of-the-art bottling facility that utilizes a third of its energy from sustainable energy sources. Furthermore, Waiakea Water is an eco-friendly resource originating from an aquifer that recharges naturally.