We All Need At Least One Credit Card In Our Life

    You hear all the scare stories about people having credit cards and running up thousands in credit card bills. Their homes are taken away from them and families and marriages are split up as a result. However, everything needs to be kept in perspective because although these incidences do happen they happen with the minority of people and these are people who don’t have any credit card responsibility. Trying to get through life in this very modern digital world without a credit card would be extremely difficult and there are so many advantages to having and using your own credit card. Many people have credit cards as a backup in case they are caught up in a difficult situation where they need money quickly, but it’s a bad time of the month and they just don’t have it on them right now.

    If you use your credit card responsibly then it can be something that is fantastic for your financial well-being, and you can apply here at www.rabbitfinance.com/credit-card to get a credit card that can open up all kinds of possibilities for you. If you’re still a little on the fence and you are undecided about whether or not you need a credit card in your life, then maybe the following benefits can help you to make up your mind.

    1. It builds your credit history – There are probably some major life changing financial decisions ahead of you and in order to be able to get the loan for your new home or your new car, you need to have a credit history and a credit score that reflects the kind of payer that you are. Believe it or not, but if you haven’t taken out anything on credit then it actually goes against you as you haven’t used any of the ways to improve your credit score. The fact that you pay in cash and you always pay on time doesn’t come into the equation, because a lending institution wants to see a credit history and you can get one of these when you get yourself your very own credit card.
    2. It offers incentives – As well as being something that you all should have, credit card companies will also offer you incentives to sign up for one. Many credit card companies will give you what they call a sign on bonus and others will provide you with cash back the more that you use it. There are also many reward programs where they provide you with points every time you use your card to make a transaction. One of the most attractive rewards is the frequent flyer miles that you can rack up every time that you use your card. If you use your card enough, it might even pay for your next vacation.
    3. Spending can be tracked – For those of you who are worried that you’re going to go crazy and you’re going to spend money that you don’t have, then there is no need to worry because your credit card company will track your spending for you. You can get a message sent to your smart phone every time a purchase is made and it can also show you your balance at any given time. You will always have a record of your spending and this will help you to keep better control of it. To learn more about credit cards, have a look here.

    So, as you can see having a credit card is actually a good thing and as long as you are responsible user, then you can enjoy all of the benefits that it offers but with none of the bills.