Weight Loss Myths Debunked

    Weight loss is, and will always be, a hot topic up for discussion.

    In a world where appearance matters, we are constantly on the search for new ways to stay fit and in shape. With the popularity of curvy women like Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian, we have moved away from the “thin is in” attitude. However, a flat stomach and toned body is most desired.

    From the latest fitness craze (Hybrid Workouts wearing wearable technology) to diet trends (think Ketogenic Diet), each year new trends pop up and they all guarantee that their method is the absolute in weight loss.

    With so many different weight loss options available it can begin to feel overwhelming. Which diet is correct? If this is in writing on the packaging or on TV then it has to be correct right? Unfortunately, the majority of the weight loss diets are based on completely inaccurate myths. Let’s get to the “skinny” on a few weight loss myths that are just that, myths.

    Myth 1. A detox is a good way to make a clean start. Detox is more like a crash diet to your body. ProteinPowderXpert reviews show that detox can deprive the body of adequate calories and nutrition for a short period of time. Once you reintroduce food back into your body, it can have the opposite effect and you can actually regain more weight compared to the weight that you were before you started. The best thing one should do is to consult with your doctor before you make the decision to do a detox.

    Myth 2. Pasta Makes You Fat. We have been told that pasta (which are carbohydrates) turns to sugar and then your body turns that sugar into fat. However, they go on to say that Carbohydrates does not make you fat, extra calories are what makes you fat whether you eat them in the form of fats, protein or carbohydrates. The problem is that we tend to eat extremely large portions of pasta, especially when we are eating out at a restaurant. The best way to eat pasta is to cook it at home, while you eat smaller portions of it and cutting out cream-based sauces opting for tomato based.

    Myth 3. If you exercise a lot, then you don’t really have to watch what you eat. FALSE! That is an absolute myth. Exercise alone will not necessarily help you lose weight, just as reducing your calorie intake alone will not necessarily help you lose weight. Both are ineffective separately by themselves. Weight loss comes from not only a combination of exercising and reducing your calorie intake, there are also psychological aspects that come into play. In order for weightless to occur though, all weight loss specialist agree that one must remain consistent with both diet and exercise

    Just as we know there is no such thing as “get rich quick schemes” that work, the same thing applies for weight loss. Weight loss takes time and diligence. After all is said and done, you can only expect that what you put into your weight loss journey is what you will get out of your weight loss journey.