Getting likes is one of the most important things that can happen to you if you have a social media account. Likes are a sign of approval from others and a way to reassure you that you are doing the right thing with your social media approach while also encouraging you to push on with your good work. Because likes can be the start of something good for an account, they are a commodity that is in high demand and the competition for them is really becoming something else these days. Thousands of people are signing up to social media and hoping that likes can play a starring role in their quest to make it to the top. To make a good quality engagement here is EarthWeb. You can see the review here. As such, interest in this social media feature has increased with people who are unfamiliar with the concept wondering what they are and why they have become such a hot topic. For others, however, chasing likes is all they can talk about and getting their hands on them can be a key factor in their profile being successful or not.

What are likes?

If you’re not familiar with this pillar of social media interaction, let’s have a brief look at what likes are to get started. Likes are features that exist on social media whose purpose is to let social media users show their appreciation or approval for posts that people have made. There are many ways that they can be added, depending on the brand of social network you are using, but it is usually able to be done in a manner that is intuitive and straight-forward. Likes come from other users who have found the content they are liking to be funny, entertaining, heart-warming, stimulating or it could be because they agree with the point of the post or they can empathise with it. There are many other reasons why people may like your content. The important is that they do it. Likes are a useful metric for social media as they can give you an idea of how popular your uploads are and how many people are paying attention to what you are doing. In addition to this, they can also give your profile a boost and help it become more popular. Because of this, likes are a popular commodity and as the demand for them increases, people have started exploring other avenues to make sure they get them for their profile.

Paying for social media likes

While it is not an approach that has proven to be resoundingly popular throughout the social media community, the practice of purchasing likes, as well as other features, for social media accounts is one that has taken off in recent years. There are plenty of websites to be found which offer you the chance to buy IG likes and these are proving to be a popular option for many social media users who feel they need to get more attention if they want to fulfill the targets they have set themselves. By purchasing these likes, they can add them to their posts however they want and help boost the visibility of each one. It is hoped that by doing so, more attention will come their way and their account, as a whole, will become more popular. It should be noted that this approach is the only one which guarantees you will get likes straight to your profile and, as such, it should be considered as an investment in the future success of your profile.

What else can be done to get likes for your social media account?

If this approach does not appeal to you then there are other ones which you can give a go as you wish to get the likes need to propel yourself forward. There are plenty of other ways that you can go about getting more likes for your profile and here we’ll give you an idea of how some of them work.

Hashtags can work like magnets

Hashtags are a social media users’ best friend as they can be the flame that attracts the moth. Hashtags are little phrases that you can add to a post, whether it is one or two words or several squeezed together, which help categorise it among all the other posts that are out there on social media. By using hashtags, you are able to highlight particular topics that you are interested in and also bring your content to the attention of other people who may be interested in it but are still unfamiliar with your account. It is recommended to use a few hashtags per post and you will be able to cast a wider net if you use a combination of general and specific hashtags.

‘Like to enter’ competitions

This may seem like a cynical approach but it is quite a successful one. ‘Like to enter’ competitions are fairly straight-forward: for a social media user to enter, they merely have to like the post containing the relevant information. The users who likes the post are then entered into a draw and you can pick the winner or you can choose a lucky person by selecting the person whose like was a specific number.


Using locations in your posts is another way to attract attention to them and get more likes, especially from people who are based in the area you mentioned in your post. This is particularly useful if you are planning an event in a specific place.