What Customers Are Looking For When They Book A Hotel Room

One of the major aspects of travel is where you are going to spend the night. Unless you have a really big family you will not always have relatives where you are looking to go. As a result, if you do any traveling you are going to have to book a hotel room from time to time. Here are some common things that customers should look for when booking a hotel room.


Cleanliness Of The Rooms

Probably the most important thing to look for in a hotel room is whether or not the rooms are clean. This goes beyond the covid virus but makes sense at any time. Not only do you never know what diseases the last occupant of the room may have had, but a cleanroom is important to keep away other things that can carry diseases, such as insects and rodents. In general, making sure that you stay in a clean room is good for your health.


Reasonable Price

When considering staying at a hotel unless you are filthy rich, price is going to be a consideration. You want to find a hotel whose prices are low but without compromising other factors such as cleanliness. Also, beware of hotels that charge by the hour, they usually have bad reputations and for good reasons. Now one factor in comparing prices is what comes with that price, for example, a hotel that has a higher price but provides food may actually be the better deal.


Availability Of Food

One factor you need to consider, particularly when staying more than one night, is the availability of food. This can include whether or not the hotel provides breakfast or what restaurants are nearby. Considering what is available to eat near the hotel includes, what the hotel provides, grocery stores, restaurants, and fast food places. Even if a hotel provides meals with a room, before leaving you may want to pick up some supplies for your trip. In either case, before booking a hotel you want to know what places are available in the area to get food, after all, we all need to eat.


Size Of The Rooms

Another important factor to look for when booking a hotel room is the size of the rooms. This is particularly true if you are traveling with children who are not old enough to have their own room. A hotel room can have one to three beds along with a bathroom that usually has a shower. You need to make sure before you book a hotel room that will fit your needs. For one person, a small room may be fine but for a family, you need a bigger room.


Hotel Facilities

Before booking a hotel room you should consider the facilities that the hotel has. It does not only include things like a swimming pool but it could include a laundromat, food Services, and other facilities that you may find helpful. Now sometimes these things may affect the price, but it does not always pay to be chip upfront. For example, if a hotel has laundry services with the price of the room you may save you money over a laundromat. The point is the price is not the only factor you consider when booking a hotel room, what comes with that price is important.


Hotel Internet Services

Given how ubiquitous computers have become, finding out about a hotel’s internet coonection is an important part of booking a room. For example, you should make sure that if they offer internet service that it is secure. Any hotel that is willing to risk the client’s data with an unsecured internet connection is probably not worthy of having your business. It is also helpful to know if the hotel internet services will be fast enough for your needs. If all you will be doing is checking your email it probably does not matter, otherwise, you need to check.



When booking a hotel room, it is helpful to look at the kind of security that they have. This may include security guards but simply having a good night staff and easy-to-lock doors may be sufficient. When you stay in a hotel room you are putting the security of your belongings as well as yourself in their hands. It is important to know the type of security that they have. Cheap hotels may have nothing more in your room key keeping you and your belongings safe.


Road Access

The type of Road access the hotel has is also an important thing to look for when booking a room. If the hotel is hard to get in and out of it could be a problem. A hotel on a major road, but no traffic light at its exit could be difficult to get in and out of. On the flip side, a hotel on a backstreet may be hard to find and hard to find your way out of. The best compromise between these two extremes would be a hotel that is on the main road but has an exit on a side street.



Location is an important part of any business and hotels are no different. Ideally, you want to find a hotel that is in a safe neighborhood, but close enough to stores, restaurants, and other attractions but you will not have trouble reaching them. While a hotel that is on a backstreet may be less expensive, it may also be harder getting to where you want to go. Ultimately, you need to find a hotel with the location that is best for your needs. Being cheap on location could actually cost you in the long run.


Booking a hotel room is an important part of planning a trip. Knowing what to look for in a hotel room is an important part of making that trip a success. You need to make sure the room you book fits both your finances and your needs.