What Happened to Dartmouth’s Top College Football Stars?

    Dartmouth College is an Ivy League research university with a reputation for providing a top-tier undergraduate education to students from all walks of life. The facility is also known for its winning sports teams. With one out of five students involved in varsity sports, the college is in a good position to compete against other teams in the NCAA Division 1 Ivy League Conference. Many of Dartmouth’s football stars have either become leading professional football players or excelled in other fields. A few of the most notable ones include Reggie Williams, Jay Fiedler, Dennis Durkin, and Murray Bowden.

    Reggie Williams

    Reggie Williams is a stand-out star. His performances on the field have thrilled millions of fans throughout the nation. He started his career in sports as a linebacker for Dartmouth’s team. During this time, he was named to the All-East and All-New England teams for two years in a row. He was also admitted into Dartmouth’s Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame. Upon graduating, he started playing for the Cincinnati Bengals. Williams helped his new team win two Super Bowls in a row and set franchise records for interceptions and fumble recoveries.

    Jay Fielder

    Jay Fielder also found success in the world of professional football. After graduating as the Ivey League Player of the Year in 1992, he joined the Miami Dolphins and played a key role in helping them reach the NFL playoffs. He later played for the New York Jets before retiring due to injuries in 2006. He now owns and operates two successful sports camps with his brother Scott. He also trained Rutgers quarterback Gary Nova for the NFL.

    Dennis Durkin

    Dennis Durkin always had a reputation for being a dependable player. A great kicker, he went thirteen for thirteen on field goals and became the third all-time leading scorer in school history. However, unlike many of his peers, he didn’t go all out for football. Rather, after graduating from Dartmouth, Dennis Durkin earned an MBA at Harvard University. He went on to work for Microsoft, first in the corporate development department and later as the Xbox CFO/COO. He held similar roles at Activision as a chief financial officer and chief corporate officer. Durkin later accepted a board position at On Running.

    Murray Bowden

    Like Dennis Durkin, Murray Bowden decided not to become a professional football player even though he definitely had the skillset for it. During his time as co-captain of Dartmouth’s football team, he shut out two-thirds of his opponents and helped Dartmouth win the Lambert Trophy. When Bowden played in the lineup, Dartmouth only lost one of the eighteen games it played. However, Bowden decided to take another path to success. After graduating from Dartmouth, he earned a law degree from the University of Houston. He went on to co-found The Hanover Company, one of the most active private real estate companies in the nation.

    Dartmouth may be smaller than other Ivy League colleges, but its students’ accomplishments are definitely impressive. Many of its football stars have gone on to excel in professional football. Others have become accomplished businessmen and women. As Dartmouth continues its mission of training the next generation, the country can look forward to the new talent that will emerge from Dartmouth’s classrooms and sports fields.