When someone is injured due to an accident and doesn’t know how to handle it, the first thing to do is to seek medical help and then speak to an attorney. Why? Nine times out of ten, an insurance company will be involved in the process because a claim is going to be filed by the other person or persons. You should never rely on an insurance company to treat you fairly as it relates to being compensated for your injury and your loss. An attorney can help you with writing a proper demand letter if you are not getting through to the insurance company. In so doing, you may be able to settle the case outside of a formal legal process.

Crucial Elements

of the crucial elements as it relates to the settlement, negotiation is writing a proper demand letter. This is one of the best chances of receiving the right compensation to recover your losses. However, you should solicit the help of an experienced and skilled personal injury lawyer who can help you to write such a letter. There are some things you should know about formally writing a demand letter, even if you are not the one who will construct it.

The Background

The demand letter will be sent to the insurance company. In the letter, you will explain the claim in clear-cut and simple terminology. The letter will give a background of the details; indicating the kind of payment you seek and a few details of why the settlement payment is justified. Start the letter by stating that an accident took place. Describe in concise terms when the accident took place and where. Be sure to identify the individuals involved.

Your Losses

You should also indicate that you are not to be blamed for the accident, but the other party should be. Be sure to categorize your losses; listing them accordingly. Include damage to your property, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Ask your attorney for help in writing a proper demand letter and help to determine the kinds of damages you should include. You don’t want to miss out on anything.

Supporting Documents

Be clear about the amount of monetary compensation you desire and indicate that you want a lump sum settlement. This sets up the insurance company because if they do not come through, you can use this same information in the demand letter when you file a lawsuit. Attach supporting documents for the reason for your desired settlement amount. The attorney will instruct you whether you should send the supporting documents with the demand letter or wait until later.

Contact A Lawyer

To produce an effective demand letter, it is important that you give a clear picture of all the damages you have suffered. Don’t leave anything on the table because you may not be able to go back and include it later. So think carefully about how you are going to be writing a proper demand letter that gets you the kind of cash settlement you want. That is why you should use the help of an attorney who will guide you through the process. Contact an attorney now for help in writing a proper demand letter.