Do you aspire to do your bit for the local community in Toronto by ensuring that the metropolis is safe to live and work in? Then one of the best and the most effective ways of protecting and serving the Toronto community is by becoming a security guard. Condor Security based in GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is a leading and reputed provider of security guard training in Toronto.

We have been providing and continue to offer the 40-hour security guard training program obligatory for all aspirants for receiving an Ontarian security license. Our security training sessions enable participants to prepare thoroughly for passing the Ontarian government examination with flying colors and obtain a license. We’ve designed our security guard training course with painstaking care that allows trainees to effectively complete the program within a short period.

We furnish the professional assistance to our students and participants so that they can submit all essential documents online and meet all the obligations for receiving a security guard license. You can rest assured that you’ll be hard put to find a better and more developed security training center than ours. Our security training facility located in the heart of the city is as comfy and plush as it can get. 

The training center is huge and sprawling with clearly demarcated areas for lecture classes, exercises, strategies, and tactics. We employ exceptionally qualified and experienced instructors and trainers who ensure that you receive instructions and guidance at every stage of the program. Our trainers and instructors bring years of practice to the table for furnishing top-quality based on real-world experience.

Condor Security offers rigorous training for various security positions 

You’ll invariably require a security license for applying to and qualifying for a security guard position in Toronto or Ontario. The best place to find a security guard course in Toronto is a search engine or a reputed portal like Condor Security. You’ll have to follow a few necessary steps for obtaining your security guard license explained in detail in the aforementioned link.

At Condor Security we make available certified security guard training free of cost on the condition that you’re eligible for a job position with a provisional employment offer. Nevertheless, it’ll be mandatory for all contenders to pay for and finish the first aid and CPR training to become licensed. We suggest our candidates obtain CPR/first aid training from well-known and established institutes like the St. Johns Ambulance, Red Cross, or Toronto Paramedic Service.

At the same time, applicants will have to clear the security license test conducted by the government of Ontario. Additionally, the candidates will need to apply and fulfill the stipulations for the application procedure for a security guard license as mandated by the administration. Please note that we call for each one of our security personnel to possess a legal Ontario security guard certification before we can deputize them to work with our clients.

Most of the learners apprenticed with us are in two minds whether to apply for a security license first and then look for a job or vice versa. No matter whatever way you look at it the whole process of applying for a security license and thereafter go job hunting might take at least three months. Under such circumstances, it is better to apply for a position first as it’ll enable you to cope with the attendant stress confidently.

While you bide your time waiting for a call from a potential employer you can register for our security program. Once you’re through with the training you’ll be ready to sit for the government exam to receive your security license. And by the time you’re all set up to get your certification, you might receive several interviews calls if you’re lucky. 

We are pleased to inform you that you can apply for a security job at Condor even if you don’t have a license. It sounds unbelievable but it is true! We’re always willing to offer a chance to individuals, job seekers, and job aspirants who’re keen to imbibe new skills and pursue goals that’ll enable them to become security guards or condo concierge. We earnestly strive to offer the best possible and comprehensive training to ensure guaranteed employment for all our trainees.

We proffer Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Verbal Judo, and ASP training programs. After completing our security guard training, you’ll be prepared to apply for the following security jobs in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario: –

  • Armed guard
  • Armored vehicle guard
  • Mobile patrol 
  • Condo guard
  • Condo concierge
  • Airport guard
  • Private guard
  • Office guard
  • Doorman
  • Nightclub bouncer
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Parking enforcement officer

Why opt for a security guard license in Toronto?

It does not bear emphasis that Canada is one of the safest countries in the world to live and work in. Though Canada continues to remain safe for all citizens, the crime rate has witnessed a steady increase over the years. Ontario has seen more murders, slaughters, killings, and stabbings in the past few years which is higher than the national homicide rate.

No wonder job security openings including security guard job positions are perpetually in demand throughout the length and breadth of Canada. So you can take it for granted pursuing a security career can prove to be immensely lucrative and also fulfilling. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time jobseeker, an immigrant who has just applied for permanent residency status, or an experienced police officer, you can realize your career objectives with a security job.

How to obtain a security guard license in Toronto?

The very first thing you need to do for becoming a security guard is to complete the primary or elementary training. Instead of wasting precious time scouting for a reliable agency to sign up with for security training directly visit At Condor Security we see to it that you get good quality training at a highly affordable and competitive rate. You can choose to complete the compulsory 40-hour training at your convenience either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Once you’re through with your security training, you’ll have to start preparing for the Ontarian government-conducted exam for getting a license. Keep in mind that in case you’re aspiring to become a private investigator then the elementary exam you’ll appear in will differ from one held for security guards. The basic test will comprise 60 MCQs (multiple-choice questions) related to topics and subjects you studied during your training.

You’ll need to pay $75.15 including the exam fee of $66.50 and HST (harmonized sales tax). To clear the test you’ll have to secure a score of at least 62%. You’ll need to show photocopies (or the original documents) of two valid IDs and training completion numbers on the day of the exam. 

After you pass the licensure examination, it’s time to apply for a security license to Service Ontario, an Ontarian government division. We’d recommend you to send the form online as that way your application will be processed and approved quickly and you’ll receive a hard copy of your license within eight weeks. Meanwhile, you can download your license in PDF format and take several printouts of the same for applying to jobs.

You’ll have to follow a few simple steps for submitting your security license application online:-

  • A valid government ID
  • A valid work permit
  • One passport photograph
  • A guarantor form
  • A Service Ontario account
  • Paying CAD 80 as license fee (this fee will be valid for two subsequent birthdays)  

Final Words

After understanding the important considerations while searching for a security training in Toronto, its important to choose the best way forward. You also need to ensure you are having all the important documents and application requirements prepared before enrolling for a training program.