What Is The Function Of Chlorthalidone?

    Often prescribed for high blood pressure, Chlorthalidone is a popular antihypertensive drug. Thalitone is a prescription diuretic and it is also used for treating conditions like Edema.

    With symptoms like swelling, Edema is known to occur because of salt retention which increases the fluid level in the human body. In such cases, the function of Chlorthalidone is to facilitate the body to get rid of that excessive amount of salt and water. A website like fairpricerx offers so much information on Thalitone and other popular drugs out there.

    What Is Chlorthalidone Used For?

    • Thalitone To Reduce Hypertension: Chlorthalidone is used to treat high blood pressure which can cause heart attack, problems related to kidney or even stroke.
    • Thalitone To Treat Edema: Chlorthalidone is also prescribed for treating Edema. Thalitone medicine enables the body to be free from excessive fluid buildup in the body. Edema is known to cause heart failure, breathing issues and liver diseases.
    • Thalitone To Treat Diabetes Insipidus: Diabetes Insipidus is a common condition among those who lack antidiuretic hormone in their body. Thalitone is used to treat this condition as well.
    • Thalitone To Treat Hypercalciuria: Chlorthalidone is also prescribed in the treatment of Hypercalciuria. Hypercalciuria causes excretion of calcium in urine and is the prime reason behind kidney stone.

    Is Chlorthalidone A Water Pill?

    Yes, Chlorthalidone is a water pill. Being diuretic in nature, this pill starts healing the Edema by increasing the amount of urine. Increased amount of urine means that the body is slowly removing immoderate amount of fluid present in the lungs.

    Intake of Thalitone pill ensures relaxed blood vessels which in turn reduce the chances of heart related diseases.

    Is There A Generic For Chlorthalidone?

    The generic version is available in the market under the name of Thalitone which is Chlorthalidone generic. After being approved by the FDA in the 1960, Thalitone has been a common drug used for treating a number of conditions including hypertension, edema, kidney calcium stone, and Diabetes Insipidus.

    Chlorthalidone Dosage

    • For Children: One should not be using Chlorthalidone before completing 18 years. Doctors don’t recommend this pill for children under any circumstances.
    • For Adults: Anyone between 18 and 64 years of age can use Thalitone. To start with, one should ideally take 25 mg once in a day. Depending on the improvement of the patient’s condition, the physician might advise regarding further increase in dosage. However, that should never exceed 100 mg in a day.
    • For Seniors: Individuals over 65 years usually take time to have a realizable effect of Chlorthalidone. Depending on the individual’s condition, the physician will either advise a slower consumption rate or a carefully put together time schedule. Seniors are advised not to stop Thalitone tablet without consulting the physician as this may lead to high blood pressure resulting into stroke or heart attack.

    Is Thalitone Same as Chlorthalidone?

    Yes, Chlorthalidone is often available in the market under the generic name of Thalitone. Thalitone is sold in the form of tablet and must be consumed with food.

    A number of drugs interact with Thalitone and can make a patient’s condition worse. That is why you must refrain from combining Chlorthalidone with drugs such as calcium supplements, narcotics, alcohol, insulin, and so on.

    Is Chlorthalidone Diuretic?

    Yes, Chlorthalidone belongs to the Diuretics category of drugs. With a structure similar to Thiazide, Chlorthalidone is popularly known for being Thiazide-like Diuretics. It is used for treating different conditions including high blood pressure and edema.