What it Takes to Be a Good Music Manager from June Jonez

    The music management industry can be a tough place to make a living; however, there are a few lessons to learn about what it takes to be a successful music manager. June Jonez has taken these lessons to heart. He has become one of the most successful music managers in the industry, consistently surpassing the epxectations of all of his clients. There are a few key reasons why.

    First, in order for someone to be a good music manager, they need to be aware of what this line of work is going to require from the very beginning. Yes, it is important to have a passion for music as well; however, working as a music manager is going to require so much more than this. A good music manager is also going to be on call around the clock. Whether it is a significant problem or a small issue, a good music manager is going to have to deal with this. This is one of the aspects that has June Jonez apart from the other music managers in the industry. Whenever he was needed, he stepped up. No issue was ever too big or too small for June Jonez.

    Next, a good music manager is going to know how to network. When it comes to being a music manager, the opportunities are simply going to fall into someone’s lap. Even for the biggest stars in the industry, the music manager is going to have to network and seek out opportunities. Shaking hands is the name of the game. A music manager is going to have to step out of his or her comfort zone and rub elbows with some of the biggest names in the industry, even in areas of the business that might not be particularly enjoyable. Again, this is where June Jonez was successful. He was willing to go the extra mile and network for the benefit of his clients. As a result, he has climbed the ladder to the top.

    Finally, being a good music manager still requires someone to educate himself or herself about the various facets of the music industry. Those who think the music from the era of jazz and soft rock are irrelevant are simply fooling themselves because there is a lot that can be learned from these careers. Music managers should take the time to not only listen to their music but also follow their interviews, their travel plans, and their careers as a whole. There is a reason why these individuals were successful and June Jonez has taken these lessons to heart. He has followed in the footsteps of these successful individuals and passed on the lessons to his clients.

    Anyone who would like to be successful in the music management industry should follow in the footsteps of June Jonez. He has clearly demonstrated what it takes to succeed in a stressful and demanding industry. It will be exciting to see what happens next.