What Makes a Good Tax Attorney

    Tax attorneys are concerned with the law surrounding tax affairs. Accountants handle your finances for you, while tax attorneys handle the technicalities of tax law. Many people, such as those managing personal estates or considering starting a business, find they need specialized advice about dealing with their tax affairs. Tax attorneys also help those who are working with the IRS on an existing case. So if you need help with a tax-related legal case or have claimed deductions or credits incorrectly, a tax attorney can help.

    What Qualifications Does a Tax Attorney Need?


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    If you need help negotiating the legal side of the tax system, a tax attorney will be your guide. To be sure a tax attorney is offering you the best advice, check that he or she is appropriately qualified. To practice any kind of law, your attorney will need to have completed a Juris Doctor degree and have been admitted to the state bar. Tax attorneys also need specialized training in tax law, which usually means they’ll have a master’s in law degree in taxation, also known as an LL.M. 

    Are Tax Attorneys Also Accountants?

    Some tax attorneys have accounting experience, but they will usually be focused on dealing with the legal side of your finances rather than managing your money or advising you on savings and investments. If you have a complex legal matter than involves accounting and tax law, then having a tax attorney with an accounting background will allow you to cover both aspects more effectively. 

    However, if you are dealing with a legal issue concerning the IRS, such as appealing an audit decision or negotiating settlements, then a tax attorney with expertise in that specific area will be best-placed to represent you. 

    What Services Should Tax Attorneys Offer Their Clients?

    Many tax attorneys cultivate working relationships with the IRS, allowing them to advocate more effectively on behalf of their clients. If you’re looking for the best tax attorney for your specific situation, you might wish to seek out one that has earned a reputation for solving cases similar to yours. Some offer their clients expedited services and quick resolutions, while others handle particularly complex cases and have experience dealing with federal level negotiations. 

    Can Tax Attorneys Help With Debt Problems?

    A number of tax attorneys specialize in helping clients deal with their tax debts. These professionals have a working knowledge of the latest tax relief options and programs such as the Fresh Start Program, which allows taxpayers to clear their debts and minimize the possibility of incurring additional charges and fees. If you owe money to the IRS, a tax attorney will guide you through the process of clearing your debt as quickly and easily as possible. 

    If you are concerned about tax debt and need help managing your finances, a tax attorney can help you understand your legal position and make sure you are doing everything you can to avoid incurring levies and other penalties.