What the are various advantages and disadvantages of PHP?

    PHP is the most used and most demanding scripting language on the web. A scripting language that is useful for the development of functional websites, according to one website development company, PHP has become one of the leading players in the web development market. The PHP programming language is the preferred programming language for the development of websites; as PHP can be embedded in HTML.

    PHP extensions suggest unparalleled functionality compared to any other available web scripting language, which has been possible to limitless developers who collect an essential collection of open source software from across the web. PHP is related to Microsoft Active Server Pages, Java Servlets and Cold Fusion Module, but it is usually considered to be much easier to program (or ‘script’) with, much quicker than its competitors .it is free to use. One of the most stable and essential features of PHP is its support for a broad range of databases. If effortlessness, speed of development and wealth are important factors, then PHP is the most elegant language.

    PHP is a popular language and contains many features. Some of those features are common as that provides by many programming languages like C, C++, Perl and more. Also, PHP includes unique features of its own. In this article, we are going to list some of the unique features of PHP.

    PHP is a famous language and holds many features. Some of these functions are ordinary since they provided by various programming languages such as C, C ++, Perl and more. Also, PHP contains its exclusive features.

    Advantages of PHP

    The cause behind the fame of PHP is its various advantages. PHP is best suited for web development. The benefits of PHP are:

    1. Multiplatform.

    All PHP-based applications can execute on several types of platforms. PHP is compatible with most operating systems, A little of which include Solaris, UNIX, Windows and Linux. The platforms mentioned can be utilized to write codes in PHP and also to examination web pages or execute applications based on PHP.

    PHP effortlessly interacts with MySQL and Apache. Smooth integration of PHP finishes with several new technologies such as Java, and there is no re-development requirement. Therefore, saving time and money give it a significant advantage.

    2. Tight connection to the database.

    A programming language like PHP is broadly used on the Internet and needs to attach to the database very frequently. Having a feature that can help PHP to connect to the database easily is compulsory. Many websites, like e-commerce sites, need a sound database management system.

    PHP has an included module that helps developers to connect to the database easily. Therefore, PHP is in massive demand in the area of web development where a developer needs to build up a data-driven website. PHP significantly decrease the time required to develop a web application that needs a well-organised database management system.

    3. Easy to use.

    PHP broadly uses because it is straightforward to use. Unlike other complex programming languages, PHP is direct, fluid, clean and organised, so it is a great help for new users. PHP has an ordered syntax that is logical at the same time.

    PHP does not require any severe or manual study to use it. The PHP command functions are effortlessly understood since the user can find out from the name of the commands what he does. A person who is latest to PHP can still code because the syntax is related to C.

    A person who is new to PHP can easily code because the syntax is much more similar to C. Therefore if a person who understands C language can easily code in PHP. Therefore, it is easier to make and optimise the application using PHP.

    Speed is the primary need for web development. Some people experience the challenge of a time-consuming Internet connection and a slow data rate. Also, people around the world always prefer a fast loading website. When compared to other programming languages, PHP is the fastest programming language.

    Under normal circumstances, it takes a long time to connect to the database, when developers try to retrieve specific data from the database. It acquires a long time to connect to the database, then execute the declaration and finally get the data. PHP performs this set of jobs faster than other scripting languages. PHP is quicker both to connect to the database and to use different essential applications.

    The quick speed of PHP gives a plus over additional scripting languages and provides an application with insignificant administrations, like server administration and mail functionality.

    5. Open source.

    One of the significant advantages of PHP is that it is open source. Therefore, PHP is available and is completely free. Unlike other scripting languages used for web development that require the user to pay for support files, PHP is open source to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

    A beginner in PHP does not need to concern about the support since PHP is maintained and developed by a large group of PHP developers that helps create a PHP support community that assist people in the accomplishment and manipulation of PHP.

    Disadvantages of PHP

    Each programming language has its own merits and demerits. In the same way, PHP also has its drawbacks, which are below:

    1.    Secure

    Websites should be as safe as achievable so that the website owner and website users are safe and secure. PHP is accessible completely free; that is, it is an open source environment. And, it is a benefit for PHP, or it represents a threat to the website developed with PHP.

    2.    Bad error handling

    The developers believe that PHP has a low quality of handling errors. PHP be short of debugging tools, which are required to look for errors and warnings. PHP has very less debugging tools compare to other various programming languages.

    Many researchers can conclude that PHP has many more advantages as compared to the disadvantages. So, consider the number of advantages and disadvantages of PHP, it can be inferred that PHP is the first language for web development.