What To Do When Your Instagram Account Gets Blocked?

    When you are new to Instagram, you are likely to make foolish mistakes that could get your account banned. If you fail to proceed according to the rules set by the company, you may not be able to take advantage of several business opportunities you have available on this social media platform. You should practice care when trying to build your Instagram followers because involving in any suspicious activity can hurt you in a big way.

    Sometimes, even after all the precautions, your account may be blocked by Instagram. Or it could be that because you are a new user, you may not be aware of certain functionalities and features and unknowingly do something which is considered wrong. For example, you have joined Instagram to keep in touch with your friends, or there may be a photographer in the family, who needs likes from everyone – so you join Instagram to like his photos – and do nothing else. Then, one fine day you scroll and see that he has other contacts who are equally awesome and then – you start liking all of them one by one!

    While you may have started doing this innocently and with no bad intentions at all, it could lead to trouble. This could make you come under Instagram’s scrutiny, and your account may be blocked without you realizing it. What’s worse is that it may take anywhere from 4 hours to 4 weeks to recover the same. Of course, you may not be making such silly mistakes when running a marketing campaign on Instagram, but things can sometimes go wrong.

    If you have your account locked already, you can try some steps to help speed up the process of getting your account up and running again.  The following steps may help, but there is no assurance that these will always help:

    1. If you get messages like ‘Action blocked,’ take that seriously and use the “Tell us” button to inform Instagram that it is a mistake. This method has a success rate. Once you use this button, Instagram will contact you (most likely) through email and ask you for more security information. You will then need to write your full name, username and a code sent by Instagram – on a piece of paper – and take a selfie holding the paper. Once you do this, Instagram recovers the account.
    2. Contact Instagram – from your Instagram app, go to your profile page, tap on “Options” menu, scroll till you get “Report a problem” option, select it, and then choose “something isn’t working” from the pop-up shown. Fill out the form that follows and send it.

    Additionally, You May Want To Try The Following Too:

    • Edit Your Bio – Some users have experienced that once they change their profile info, the ban has been lifted. For example, you can change your profile picture or update some additional information in your bio.
    • Do a “Clean Install” On Your Mobile OS – this might sound a bit crazy, and it is so, but this method works. When nothing else works, try this approach. Sometimes, you may be able to recover your account.
    • If Your Account Has Been Disabled – that means you have screwed up big time. Most of the times, your account will be disabled without any prior notice or warning to you. But, should you think mistake did the action, do appeal to them by logging into your account and follow the instructions given to solve this problem.

    While these methods may provide some help, there is no guarantee that you will always get good feedback. If they do not, all you can do is to log in and check if the ban has been lifted – every day. Logging in daily is not going to delete your account or initiate any other further action on your account, so you need not worry about it. And if you get it reinstated, be sure to remember what caused the issue in the first place and never repeat it.  Getting familiar with Instagram rules will certainly help, so spend some learning about them to use Instagram safely and effectively.

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