What You Must Know About No Parking, No Stopping, and No Standing Signs


    These days, driver’s education on driving, parking, and road safety matter a lot due to the increasing number of accidents. Neglectful attitude, absentmindedness, and forgetting things often lead to traffic tickets, hefty fines on busy, city streets. Many drivers often confuse no parking signs with no stopping or no standing decals. 

    According to an article published in Forbes, these days advanced safety features in cars are reducing accidents and vehicle insurance claims. This together with road safety signs can go a long way in ensuring safe driving and avoiding fatal car crashes. Read on to learn more about no parking, no stopping, and no standing signs. 

    No standing signs `

    When it comes to no standing signs, they refer to loading and unloading individuals, and not products or consumer items. The US law lets drivers pick up or drop off people at these signs, but the law will not allow drivers to wait for cab passengers to arrive, load, or unload products at the curb. As far as no standing signs are concerned, they are people-only indications and drivers will receive a traffic ticket if found violating the rules of a state. 

    No parking signs 

    Many people and drivers have the habit of pulling over at no parking indicators for a couple of minutes to load or unload passengers and even grocery items. The US state laws permit you to stop to load or unload the merchandise at the curb and stop the vehicle to quickly pick up or drop off passengers at no parking signs

    Then, the vehicle needs to move because the traffic rules do not allow drivers to leave the car unattended for several minutes. When no parking indications are in place, you need to adhere to the same and only pick up or drop off passengers fast. 

    Detailed traffic signs 

    There are traffic limitation signs called detailed signs in the city. For instance, if a sign reads, ‘No standing please, only commercial fleet, three-hour limit, metered parking, 10 am – 4 pm’, these signs require careful reading to avoid confusion. Drivers need to understand these signs completely for a specific time and date. If you do not understand, you need to ask a traffic police official for assistance. 

    No stopping signs 

    Apart from no parking or no standing signs, there is one other, called no stopping signs, which are stringent of all. No stopping means not stopping at all no matter what the reason to pick up or drop off passengers, wait for passengers, or load and unload merchandise. If you violate this sign, you may land up behind the bars or pay a heavy fine. 

    The only situation when you can stop your vehicle is when there is an emergency or asked to stop by a US police officer on duty. Otherwise, always comply with no standing signs in normal situations. 


    When you notice a no parking sign on a street block, it means the rule applies to the entire area unless specifically mentioned about some exempted blocks on that street. Obey traffic signs and practice safe driving and parking to avoid accidents.