What You Should Know Before Your Next Job Interview

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Are you a college graduate ready to take on the real world? Or maybe you were recently fired from your job or someone who just needs a career change? Regardless of your situation, knowing how to ace a job interview will determine whether you’ll soon be employed or stuck in the job searching process.

While we may not be able to help with sweaty hands and nervous leg shakes, we can offer you some sound advice on what to know before your next job interview. Keep reading to find out ways to win over the hearts of potential employers and leave feeling confident and proud!

What Employers Are Looking For

Many interviewees fail to take into consideration what exactly an employer is looking for. An interview is for you to demonstrate how you can help the company grow and the contributions you bring to the table. While it’s extremely important for you to prepare for your interview, employers prepare as well.

Businesses will often conduct a credit check for employment purposes, especially if you’re applying for a job related to finance or handles money. A background check helps employers catch any red flags so they can ensure they’re hiring a trustworthy candidate.

Additionally, companies will perform a social media screen as well. While you may have thought posting party pictures in college was a fun idea at the time, it can haunt you when it’s time to look for a job! So, delete any inappropriate posts and pictures so you look like a professional – and make sure your social media sites are set to private.

Information About the Company

One of the most important parts of winning over a potential employer in an interview is demonstrating knowledge about the company. Before you head into an interview, spend time researching the company’s mission, values, products, and services.

As you learn more about the company, you might acquire some insight into what career choices you could make in the future as you grow with the business.

Pro tip: Don’t fudge or make up any information. Employers can spot a bluff a mile away. They’ll respect you for admitting you’re unsure about an answer. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to show your honesty!

Popular Interview Questions

While many interview questions will revolve around company-specific information, be prepared for popular questions as well. Potential employers want to get a sense of your personality, hobbies, and interests to judge whether you’ll match the culture of the company.

Worried about your interview? Practicing job interview questions has never been easier! With a plethora of job interview apps available on smartphones, you can take part in mock interviews. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Dress Professionally

Working from home as a freelance writer or small business owner means you can work in your PJs in the comfort of your home. If only this were true for other industry sectors as well. When it’s time to enter the world of work, you need to dress the part. As they say, dress for the job you want!

First impressions mean everything, so rolling up in style will show potential employers you mean business. If you’re unsure on how to dress the part, there are online retail companies who will act as your own personal stylist and send an outfit right to your home!

Create the Perfect Resume

Your resume says a lot about you— literally. When you enter an interview, having a perfectly crafted resume to hand to the panel of interviewers or employer will show professionalism. A resume that stands out will highlight all of your experiences and show how these experiences tailor to the job you’re applying for. To make things easy, consider using an online resume builder to help you intertwine keywords and experience relevant to the job you’re applying for. You want your resume to show your personality and relevant knowledge that will make you stand out among the crowd!


To impress the panel of interviewers, you need to know all sides of the interviewing process. While you should prepare for a job interview by practicing common questions and researching the company, knowing what employers are looking for is just as important. Cleaning up your online image will show your personality and professionalism, reassuring potential employers you’re a worthy candidate. With these tips, you can ditch your side hustles and score a steady job!