What Your Website Needs To Include To Maximize Traffic/Conversions

    The website is the first impression that a majority of customers will have of a business. eCommerce websites only have a few seconds to convince a customer they are real and not trying to steal their payment information. Maximizing traffic and conversions can take months of hard work along with potential redesigning of the site. The best thing that you can do is track how much each change results in terms of conversions. The following are tips of what your website has to include to maximize conversions and online traffic. 

    Easy Checkout Process 

    The checkout process of any business selling products online needs to be seamless. The ease of checkout should not compromise the security of the checkout process in any way. Amazon does a great job of making it easy to purchase their products by saving customer information. Modeling the checkout process after a larger company can be important as they likely did A/B testing to find what works best. The last thing that a small business needs to a customer information leak that alienates nearly their entire current customer base. 

    Easy to Navigate 

    All websites should be easy to navigate regardless of the experience that you have with technology. The last thing a business wants is to lose a sale or healthy lead due to its website. Mobile websites should also be easy to use as not optimizing for mobile can alienate a solid percentage of visitor traffic. Mobile traffic seems to be increasing annually with no sign of slowing down as handheld device technology improves. 

    People use their phones for nearly everything when it comes to searching in their daily lives. You can look into web design agencies that have won a web design award or a few. These people specialize in making sure that a business puts its best foot forward when it comes to its website. The creation of an app might be best if your current website isn’t quite good enough. The trick is getting people to download the app rather than go through the lengthy process on their website. 

    Set Goals For Your Website 

    Setting goals for the website redesign can provide clarity for what needs to be done. If setting appointments is the main reason for the website, the contact information should be readily available at the top of the site. If client questionnaires are the aim, making sure this is easy to fill out and helps qualify leads is important. Set a goal for each section of the website as you should be able to accomplish multiple in a single site. 

    The company website needs to be flawless in order to do its job. Take the time to design this during a slow time of the year or make sure the site is online during the busiest times of the week/month. Migrating the website to a new URL is an option as an experienced marketing agency can make sure that doing this wouldn’t result in a loss of the marketing work that has been done.