What’s the Difference Between Cybersecurity and Information Security?

    As a business, you should be focusing on cybersecurity and information security. Managing these two aspects can:

    ·         Protect your company’s data from unauthorized personnel

    ·         Improve business continuity management

    ·         Improve stakeholder confidence

    ·         Improve your company’s credentials

    Here, you will learn the significant differences between cybersecurity and information security so that you can create a more secure environment for your company going forward.

    What is Cybersecurity?

    Cyber security refers to the protection of your electronic devices from breaches that can have severe negative consequences. Therefore, it is vital to protect yourself from cyber-attacks by being aware of possible threats and taking precautions at work or school where you may be more susceptible to attack due to lack of awareness.

    What is Information Security?

    Information security refers to the practice of protecting information and digital systems from unauthorized access, use, or modification. This includes protection against attacks by hackers and insiders who damage an organization’s reputation through unlawful conduct such as fraud.

    Information security is integral to ensuring trust within the economy today due to its focus on confidentiality and data integrity. Without proper safeguards against these threats, there could be widespread disruption across all industries. The implications can be felt worldwide by billions of people every day, whether connected directly or indirectly via technology.

    What is the Significant Difference Between the Two?

    The first difference between cyber security and information security is that cyber security is more technology-focused while information security focuses on actual data protection. This means, for example, that a company might have great firewalls in place but be lacking an effective training program to make sure employees don’t accidentally give away passwords or other sensitive information

    Another difference is that cyber-security is technology, methodologies, and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. In contrast, information security protects individual items of value like credit card numbers or passwords.

    Cybersecurity focuses more on preventing unauthorized access by hackers through secure coding practices. In contrast, Information Security is more about protecting data from being accessed without authorization by employees, partners.

    In addition, cybersecurity focuses more on securing systems that use software applications, while Information Security is concerned with everything, including hardware and software, which includes how it is designed, rather than just focusing on its implementation after the development.

    The final difference is that cyber-security protects networks, computers, and programs from attack or damage. In contrast, information security protects individual items of value like credit card numbers or passwords.

    Similarities Between Cybersecurity and Information Security

    The two terms have some key differences, but they also have a few things in common. Both of them deal with protecting computer systems from cyber threats outside or inside the system. They both protect data shared over internet networks so it doesn’t get exposed on an unsecured network where people can access it without authorization.

    They both look at preserving the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data. All this is while providing for business continuity when infrastructure gets compromised due to natural disasters or human-made incidents such as malware infections or hacking attacks.

    There are also many other more minor differences between the two concepts, but this covers the most critical points to understand when comparing them.