What’s Your Next Step After Losing Your Social Security Card?

    Are you just about to head over to the local SSA office? Perhaps you’re groaning just thinking of having to make that trip, and you’re looking up if there is another way to replace your social security card. It’s 2018 after all, right? Do you have a My Social Security account? If you don’t, then you’re missing out.

    You can sign up for one of these accounts, and you have access to all kinds of forms and your digital benefits statements. It’s also possible that you are going to be able to apply for a replacement card online. That would certainly be convenient, right? You’ve lost your card, and it needs to be replaced. You were thinking you would have to go to the SSA office.

    To be truthful, it’s possible that the state in which you live isn’t on the list. There are certain states that haven’t been added yet. But that doesn’t mean it will always be like that. Still, you need a replacement card now, and it would be nice to see that your state is actually one of those whose citizens are eligible to apply online.

    If you find out that you are indeed eligible, what you’re going to want to do first is sign up for the My Social Security account that was mentioned. Even if you find that your state isn’t actually on the list, you still might want to sign up for the account. There are benefits to doing so, including the fact that you get those digital statements.

    Now you might be wondering if other criteria that needs to be met in regards to you being eligible to apply for a replacement SS card online. Indeed, there are some stipulations that you might want to know about. Yet the simple fact that you lost your card and need to replace it likely means you’re not going to be trying to change your name. And your identity hasn’t been compromised, so you’re not trying to talk to the SSA about changing your number.

    If either of those were the case, then you would need to make a trip to the SSA office and fill out some additional forms. Since you just lost your social security card, you are likely just wanting a replacement, which means you are free of stipulations, except checking to see if your state is on the eligibility list. If you have already done that, it’s time to sign up for that account.

    The My Social Security account does come in handy. Your registration is only going to require a few minutes of your time. It’s easy to verify who you are online, much easier than having to show documentation at the SSA office. Then you are free to use your account to fill out the replacement card application online. You will see the link, and just like the registration process, the replacement card application only takes a few minutes.

    The idea that you can get done with this process in a matter of minutes online is great, right? You’re likely thinking you will believe it when you see it. Well, you will see it for sure. I thought the same exact thing. As a matter of fact, I thought the topic was all about people scamming you into thinking that you could print out your SS card. Little did I know that you apply online with the SSA.

    Since you are using the SSA website and signing up for an official My Social Security account, there are no safety and security concerns. You are just going to be filling out a simple online application, verifying your identity and citizenship and awaiting the confirmation email. It’s really quite easy. If you thought you were going to be able to print out your card, well, that’s not possible.

    There would be safety and security concerns if that were the case. Yet your part in the process only takes minutes, and the SSA will handle getting your card to the address that you specify. It’s going to take the same amount of time as it would if you were to apply at the SSA office, which is 10-14 business days. In about two weeks time, your new SSA card will arrive in the mail, and as part of a sheet, too.

    I actually kept mine just like it was, as part of the sheet, in a folder. My old SS card was worn and tattered, and I actually lost it at one point. What’s funny is I found it after the replacement card arrived, but it still needed to be replaced. It would be great if you found yours, too, but getting a replacement card isn’t difficult. Hopefully, you’re discovering that you get to forget about the trip to the local SSA office.

    A trip there means you have to wait in line and show actual physical documentation, proving your identity and citizenship. Online, you are just answering questions, plain and simple. It’s the easiest way to get your social security card replaced, and it is also still free. All you have to do to find out if you’re eligible is to sign up for a My Social Security account.

    Remember that your account comes with other benefits, too, so you might find yourself using it time and time again. Let’s hope that it’s not to replace your SS card again, but it happens. People are allowed to do so 10 times in their lives. The cards are made of paper after all. Yet to prevent identity theft, keep good track of your card and have it put away somewhere. You’re not going to have to use it anyway for the most part.

    Mine is still in sheet form and has not been used. Yours is likely going to sit there for years, too, but you still need one. And you don’t want to lose it again. Looks like we both learned that lesson. It’s easy to get your SS card replaced, however, so it’s time to fill out that online application.