Which Tools Should You Use for Commercial Grill to Avoid Causing Damage?

    When it comes to commercial grills, proper maintenance and upkeep is essential to ensure an efficient and safe cooking environment. To avoid costly repairs or safety hazards, it’s important to use the right tools for and maintaining your grill. Here seven common tools that should always on hand when you’re working with a commercial grill:

    1. Grill Brush

    A grill brush is an essential tool for cleaning the grates and other cooking surfaces of a commercial grill. It’s important to use a brush with strong bristles that won’t bend or break when scrubbing off stuck on food particles and grease buildup.

    2. Wire Brushes

    Wire brushes are commonly used to remove carbon deposits and other debris from gas grill burners. They’re also great for cleaning hard-to-reach places, such as the back of the fire box or underneath the cooking grates.

    3. Long Tongs

    Long tongs are a must have tool for commercial grills, because they enable you to safely handle food and move it around the grill. It’s important to get tongs made out of materials that won’t scratch or otherwise damage your cooking surface.

    4. Grill Scraper

    A grill scraper is perfect for removing stuck on food particles from the grates without damaging them. The narrow end of the tool is great for removing stubborn food from in between the slats, while the wide end can be used to scrape away large chunks.

    5. Heat Resistant Gloves

    Heat resistant gloves are an essential safety item when working with a commercial grill. Not only will they protect your hands from burns, but they also help you grip hot cooking items without having to worry about them slipping away.

    6. Grill Spatula

    Grill spatulas are great for flipping and moving food around the grill with precision. The thin metal design of the tool allows you to easily slide it underneath delicate or tricky foods, such as fish fillets, while its wide surface area is ideal for flipping burgers.

    7. Grill Thermometer

    A grill thermometer is essential for monitoring the temperature of your cooking surface, as well as food items, to ensure that everything is cooked properly and safely. Digital models are especially useful because they provide an accurate reading in real time instead of having to estimate temperatures.

    By ensuring that you have the right tools for the job, you can prevent unnecessary damage to your commercial grill and keep it running safely and efficiently. For more information on which tools are best for commercial grills, contact a professional installer or repair service today.

    With the right knowledge and equipment, you can ensure that your commercial grill is always up to code and running safely.

    Happy grilling!