Who Are the Villians in Stargirl?

    Stargirl season 1 aired on the streaming platform DC Universe and eventually moved over to The CW, where it was renewed for a second season. Stargirl was created by Geoff Johns, and follows the story of a young high school student who becomes a superhero after discovering a powerful weapon. Learn more about some of the villains she faces in the show below.

    1. Brainwave

    Brainwave, or Henry King Sr., is a member of the Injustice Society of America (ISA), and has psionic abilities. He works as a neurosurgeon at the local hospital, and is the father of Henry King Jr., the star football player at Blue Valley High. Henry King Sr. hadn’t worn his Brainwave costume for about a decade after the ISA killed many members of the Justice Society of America (JSA) years earlier, but after the emergence of Stargirl, he decided to step into his role as Brainwave once again.

    Brainwave’s special abilities include telepathy, and he can completely control the minds of others. He also has telekinetic powers, and he can use psionic energy to create fire blasts.

    2. Dragon King

    Dragon King, also known as Dr. Shiro Ito, is a scientist who performs experiments on himself and others. He has a reptilian face, likely thanks to some of his biological experiments, and works with Icicle to create diabolical plans. Dragon King also has a daughter in high school named Cindy Burman, who he forces to date Henry King Jr. in order to keep a closer eye on his developing powers.

    It was previously thought that Dragon King had died years earlier, but he had been quietly working with the ISA before making his appearance in Stargirl.

    3. Soloman Grundy

    Soloman Grundy was once a wealthy businessman named Cyrus Gold in the 1800s. He was murdered but was later brought back to life in order to serve the ISA. Grundy is an undead detainee, housed in Blue Valley in a maximum-security cell, and is only brought out when his strength is needed.

    Grundy has superhuman strength, speed, and durability, and he is easily manipulated by other members of the ISA, using him as a weapon more than a team member.

    4. Icicle

    Icicle, also known as Joran Mahkent, is a supervillain with cryokinetic powers, and the ability to freeze people and objects. He was a successful businessman and created Project New America to supposedly make the world a better place, but he sought to destroy those who got in the way. Icicle is a difficult villain to defeat, as he can form an ice layer to protect his body and change the temperature of an area just by focusing on it.

    The Cosmic Staff appears to be the only weapon that can destroy his Icicle form.

    Stargirl Is Full of Compelling Villans

    Stargirl and the rest of the JSA have their work cut out for them when attempting to defeat these villians in season 1. Season 2 will feature a few new villians, such as The Shade and Eclipso.