Why Celebrities Still Only Wear The Best

    Looking good is not an easy business. It takes time and practice to master the art of looking sharp. You keep trying different styles and combinations, till you could finally come up with your own style. For celebrities, the matter might be a bit easier. Maybe it’s because they have stylists doing most of the heavy lifting, but more likely because they have the money to afford looking the best and wearing the best. Yet, you still find celebrities who are extremely poorly dressed. So, the person’s sense of style and fashion still play into it, no matter how rich they are. There are a few things, however, that catch people’s eyes before anything in an outfit.


    Some say the first things people notice in a person’s outfit are the watch and shoes, and they’re probably right. Nothing makes a bold fashion statement like a fashionable pair of shoes or a luxury watch. Luckily, a celebrity can afford both. They look for the best there is to wear for so many reasons, but most of all, how a person dresses says a lot about who they are.

    It shows class

    Many people are rich, but a few are classy. Celebrities look for the best to wear because it shows they are not only rich, but also stylish. You could wear a 10-thousand-dollar pair of shoes, and still look out of style. It’s not about just wearing the most expensive; it’s about wearing the best designed piece of clothes or accessories to complement your persona.

    It’s a statement

    It’s not just about being class. It’s also about making a statement. For instance, luxury watches make the strongest possible statement about a person. Celebs wearing Rolex watches like the Submariner or GMT don’t just wear them for their elegance. They do it also for the brand name. It means something to wear a Rolex. Not every average Joe gets to do it. It’s a statement of wealth and power. It shows that you can afford to wear a Rolex, and even rock it. People wearing luxury watches are revered and looked upon with the utmost respect. There’s just some suave and elegance about wearing a luxury timepiece, ant the celebrities know it well.

    Good business

    Never mind the elegance and making a statement factors. Wearing the best is, before all else, good business. Take a world renowned athlete like Roger Federer. He wears the world’s top sports garments. He doesn’t just do it for their efficiency on court; he also does it because they endorse him. For instance, he recently made the switch to Uniqlo sportswear for a whopping 300 million dollar deal! He’s also endorsed by Rolex, amongst other huge brands that pay him big money so he could appear in public wearing their products. So, wearing the best is an easy source of income for these celebs.

    It makes things easier

    At the end of the day, for people always in the public eye, it’s just easier to wear the best and most known brands. The quality is guaranteed and you know people will think highly of you for doing it. There’s also the business side of it as we mentioned, which makes making an extra buck easier. Why do celebrities still wear only the best there is? Because they can, and because it is what works best for them.