Why Customers are Clamoring for CBD

    If you run a business that is in any way related to health and wellness, then you have probably noticed a trend: Customers want CBD. Once relatively obscure, CBD has quickly taken the United States by storm, and the compound is now in everything from vape oils to coffees and cocktails. 

    What is CBD, though, and what does it do? Where did it come from, and why is it such a big deal now? Here’s what business owners need to know about the CBD craze:

    The scoop about CBD

    CBD is short for “cannabidiol,” a compound found in marijuana that does something beneficial in our bodies. What cannabinoids actually do, however, can vary widely from cannabinoid to cannabinoid. THC, for instance, is the famous cannabinoid that is most responsible for marijuana’s famous high. 

    Isolated THC will get users high in essentially the exact same way as regular marijuana does. That makes it quite different from CBD. Unlike THC, CBD does not get users high. Studies suggest, however, that it does have an impact on our minds. Specifically, CBD is believed to make users more calm and less susceptible to symptoms of stress and anxiety. While every personal injury lawyer, like https://braunslaw.com/ will tell you to stay well away from any mind altering substance while driving, scientists are still trying to work out exactly how it works and how to make CBD as effective as possible for this purpose, but the frenzy is already on in the health and wellness space where customers are eager to get their hands on all kinds of CBD products.

    Why CBD, why now?

    CBD’s rise is closely tied to the fortunes of the plant it is found in: marijuana. Until relatively recently, marijunana was widely illegal in the United States. The past couple of decades have changed that dramatically, with a revolution in policy first on the medical marijuana front and, later, on the recreational front. Although challenges remain, state-level legalization has made it far easier for researchers to do proper research on marijuana, which has long been known to have health benefits. The recent research has played a big role in tying health benefits to CBD in particular.

    At the same time, increasing public interest in marijuana and related products has helped hype CBD. The marijuana business is booming, but business owners can’t get involved in that everywhere: It’s limited to just ten states and the District of Columbia, and is highly regulated even where it is legal.

    CBD, by contrast, is effectively legal in many states. Though federal regulations lag behind, many states have given their explicit or de facto blessing to CBD. Unlike marijuana, CBD is something that consumers can get in states like New York or Texas.

    Stocking CBD

    All of this has created a frenzy around CBD. Consumers want to have access to CBD products that they can take on a regular basis to fight anxiety and stress. Others want to see CBD in their coffee or cocktails, as well as in baked goods and other edibles. CBD is a must-have item for any modern health and wellness business.
    Stocking CBD supplements is easy to do. The rise in CBD’s popularity has sparked a corresponding movement in CBD supplement production. Your business can find a trusted partner to provide CBD supplements in all different forms. With CBD on so many of your customers’ minds, you can’t afford not to have it in stock.