Why Diego Ruiz Durán Says Grades Matter

    The way that the education system has been built is to favor those who work the hardest. By attaining the best grades and scores on examination, it is believed that that [erson is condemned and intelligent. Of course, there are those unfortunate times that people cheat and lie about their grades and education. Not to worry, because usually mischievous acts get caught and reported eventually. Diego Ruiz Duran, as seen on Twitter, knows how critical doing one’s best in school is. For those who strive to do their best work for years, there is a much higher chance of getting into the university of their dreams. Many academic scholarships are also available for those who obtain good circulator standing, according to Duran. 

    In 2020, so much unexpected activity has occurred. People of all ages experienced a pandemic that flooded into every country. It seems impractical to use that at the conclusion of the year, everything will return to said “normal”. Duran has undoubtedly supported those who make positive changes in his community during this trying time. The best advice he can offer is to remain active in school. 

    Education is liberty many people pass up. When one goes to an institution from a young age, there will be turbulent times. There will be exams that one will not want to study for or [participate in. As a kid, it’s organic to want to have the freedom to play and explore. Being stuck inside at school can be difficult for some. Duran knows this, as he was once in those shoes. 

    However, he urges students to give their all when it comes to their studies. Yes, not everyone finds enjoyment in writing essays and curating projects. Believe it or not, Duran says that although it might seem meaningless at the time, each assignment completed is one step closer to being done. Now, although Duran recommends completing assignments thoroughly, getting good grades is what really matters.

    It is very mundane to get a bad grade every once in a while. That’s the point of learning. The concept of learning from one’s mistakes is never going to be irreverent. Duran knows that as a lawyer, good grades are what push a career forward. Many times, students strive for average scores because there is not enough effort on their part to go above and beyond. However, it is necessary to give one’s best foot forward in all capacities of education. 

    By doing so, these good grades will propel a person forward. Having trouble maintaining positive scores? Seek help. Yes, tutors are an easy answer, but they can be very expensive. Going straight to a teacher or instructor is some of the best advice Duran can offer. If the person creating the assignment one is struggling with, there is no better person to ask questions to. In addition, Duran says that as an instructor himself, he looks for effort.

    Let’s say that one of Duran’s students is struggling with a topic. Instead of avoiding any confusion, the student directly asks questions and is very engaged. Then, the student goes to Duran after class and asks to set up a meeting to review the material again. Duran is pleased to see this theoretical student take action. However, when examination day comes, the student is shocked and doesn’t receive the score they hope for. Duran will be much more willing to give an extra credit assignment or guidance to improve the student’s score. If an educator sees that the students are trying their best, they shouldn’t be punished for that.

    Overall, Duran, as seen in Washington Guardian, urges students to participate in school to the best of their abilities. If there are controversial events happening at home, a teacher might be able to help remedy those issues. Good grades matter in such a highly competitive atmosphere. Remember to always study to the best of one’s ability and seek help when needed.