Why eLearning Is the Future of Leadership Training

    In the last couple of years, people have started recognising leadership as a precious commodity. It is something that is possessed by only a few, while the rest do not get a taste of it.

    Hiring happens to be an expensive exercise and tricky. Things are bound to go haywire if the talent you hire is inefficient. You will end up wasting a lot of money if you hire a candidate that’s not good enough. There are chances he might end up being a negative influence. Therefore, it is essential for you to hire the right candidate for the right position. At times, promotions are given to people working within the organisation. 

    This happens to be a great way of retaining talent. Internal movements ensure that you get the best talent to lead the team from within the organisation. People who have been working for an organisation for a considerable amount of time know the organisation and its people inside out. 

    You can create good leaders using modern Elearning solutions.

    Here’s why Elearning creates better leaders

    The conventional ‘chalk-n-talk’ methods of discussion do not hold much steam. Such training methods are criticised by people as they lay more emphasis on theory than on practice. The biggest problem with all of the conventional methods is: they fail to engage the learner. Furthermore, a learner’s personal needs are not taken into consideration. 

    The emergence of smart devices has led to the rise of comprehensive and interactive experiences. These experiences are provided in the form of Elearning modules. Online Elearning provides your learners with an opportunity to leave the classroom behind and concentrate on real-life situations. These situations can be tailored according to the needs and requirements of your organisation. 

    This also means that your employees can choose a set of modules according to their needs and requirements. Everything has a practical solution in Elearning. You can hone different types and kinds of skills, such as consumer relations, conflict management, stress reduction, etc. It acts just as a testing ground for developing leadership skills. The best part is: there is no fear of failure. 

    Creating your leadership e-learning program

    Those creating and developing leadership training programs look for ways to create an impact. In order to create an impact, you need to ascertain the needs and requirements of your target audience (people within the organisation). You need to keep track of the challenges that are being faced by your employees. Build situations on the basis of the challenges that are being faced by your employees. Give them challenges and let them go through the grind. This will allow them to gain practical knowledge. Now, this might sound a bit obvious but many developers make this mistake of not including practical (real-life situations), which leads to the emergence of a gap. A gap between understanding and acting. Have all of your objectives clearly in place. Brainstorm ideas and categorize the ideas into manageable chunks of information. 

    These chunks will help you formulate the content that is required to mobilise the workforce. Ask simple multiple-choice questions like these can be answered within no time. Use video snippets (as much as possible). Ask your Elearning partner/ partners to develop the eLearning content using a reliable authoring tool.

    Final words

    The emergence of Elearning has enabled organisations and business houses to develop leaders through practical experiences. Such experiences will help your employees in honing their leadership skills. Do not hire leaders, create them.