Why Millennials Are Making Their Own THC Vape Juice

    In the new cannabis revolution, millennials are turning to making their own THC vape juice as a means to consume cannabis medicinally and recreationally. Why is this happening? Well, it’s tech, which younger cannabis consumers take naturally to. There is also the matter of protecting their health through vaping instead of smoking.

    Additionally, millennials are crafty enough to be willing to put in a little bit of time to gain satisfaction and even save some money. Finally, making THC vape juice is easy, so it’s little effort for great reward. Anyone can get behind that, regardless of age.

    Perhaps the least important but worth mentioning is the flavor choice. Older cannabis users had to learn to appreciate the subtle differences between low-quality smoke and their favorite strain. Millennials enjoy the taste of cannabis but see no reason not to enhance it with some delicious fruit or mint at the same time.

    Here’s a closer look at what’s driving this trend.

    The Attraction Of THC Vape Juice

    In the old days, cannabis was demonized, but millennials are young enough to leave that behind them. They see cannabis for the harmless fun it is. They also understand the sound reasons to use it that go beyond the high.

    Cannabis is plant medicine and even recreational use can enhance one’s health and wellbeing.

    Basically, millennials, in part, turn to cannabis because they realize it’s a great tool for mind expansion and helps folks unwind in a safer way than alcohol.

    These younger users have no problem balancing a busy, productive life with their cannabis use. The truth is, neither did many of the users who came before them. The power of the new paradigm is that millennials don’t accept the stigma.

    THC Vape Juice Delivers More Cannabinoids

    Hemp and cannabis produce substances called cannabinoids which interact with the body’s Endocannabinoid System.

    This system is a highly functional network of biochemicals, neurotransmitters, fatty acids, and receptors that, together, help the body stay in top working condition. It’s been mentioned that once the body senses a change, it triggers the activation of the ECS and promotes a sense of balance.

    This’s real for THC in addition to CBD. Granted, THC has several cognitive effects that are likely to overshadow its gentle regulating efforts. The short-run effects of intoxication fade relatively quickly and that’s when THC’s beneficial long term effects kick in. THC may add the preservation of brain function, inflammation reduction, and an improved feeling of wellbeing.

    THC Vape Juice Is Perfect For Millennial Users

    Vaping produces a lot fewer dangerous byproducts compared with smoking. Combustion causes toxic elements and vaping offers available cannabinoids without the added dangers of those toxins. Remember that vaping at proper temperatures appears important for the best vape.

    Secondly, based on just how you vape, it could be much more discreet. If you load your homemade THC vape juice into a pen vape or perhaps vape mod, you’ll blend into the sea of vapers we see everywhere these days.

    The scent can also be reduced this way. It is not eliminated completely, but it is tremendously reduced. That’s another place where the flavors come in handy. They help mask the smell.

    Thirdly, many causal and regular users alike find they save money vaping versus smoking cannabis. Cannabis concentrates, substances produced by extracting cannabinoids from the plant material, are powerful. In turn, vaping delivers more cannabinoids than smoking does.

    This means a gram of concentrate is more economical than a gram of cannabis flower.

    Lastly, and maybe less importantly, vaping is a cleaner experience. There is no smoke in your home and there is no ash to deal with. No one will ever knock over the ashtray again, my friends. Just imagine it.

    THC Vape Juice And Other Ways To Vape Cannabis

    You can use a dab rig, which is basically a water pipe fitted for concentrates, to vape cannabis, but it’s bulky. It can be expensive and requires some kind of external heat source like an electric nail that plugs in or a torch.

    The newest electric vapes are amazing but pricey. They’re just not in the cards for everyone.

    Conversely, you are able to choose a pre-filled vape cartridge available at any dispensary. They seem cheap at first compared with electric dab rigs and they’re incredibly easy to use. It’s truly plug and play.

    These cartridges contain a blend of a cannabis concentrate as BHO, or wax, shatter, and a mixing solution that thins the consistency. The truth is, they’re not cheap at all and the cost really adds up quickly. They also offer little control for the user when it comes to battery and vape mod choices. You’re lucky if you get a choice of a few flavors, let alone a vast array.

    Making THC Vape Juice Is Smarter And More Pleasant

    Those craft millennials figured out how to make their own cartridges. By buying a separate mixing solution called a thinner or liquidizer, they spend a few minutes in the kitchen and create their own juice blends.

    When your mix is warmed to combine, you just transfer it into any tank, cartridge or vape atomizer that allows you to fill it yourself. These may range from intricate, high functioning RDAs and mods to simple 510 thredded or pod systems.

    Let The Youth Lead The Way

    While some of us millennials are pushing 40 now, we’re still the future of cannabis use. So is making your own DIY thc vape juice. The two are a perfect combination.