Why Parental Control Service From Kidslox Is Beneficial

    Educating a child takes resources and time. Today, children’s access to IT developments is very open. Children use smartphones and computers from early age.

    Very often parents lose control over kids’ activity online. Children start to overuse certain websites. There is a way to overcome this problem. For that purpose ipad parental controls app is necessary. It is an easy to use application.

    How To Launch Parental Control

    Kidslox offers an application that is easy to download and to use. Adults simply have to choose a subscription package they prefer. Afterwards, they have to install software on a kid’s gadget, and as the result, they can fully control kids’ activity online. Here are the mechanisms to do it:

    • Block websites with an adult content. There is much information that children simply do not have to access. These are news about terrorist attacks, pornography and some types of games online. Psychologists say that this content ruins children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. It does not allow a child to develop in his/her own pace.
    • Unblock educational websites. There are many websites that help to improve education of your kid. You can put your child a reminder to visit such websites from time to time. Educational web-platforms help children to learn languages and sciences.
    • Limit time a kid can watch entertainment content. It is a great feature of Kidlock. A parent can simply put timer on how many hours the child can watch this or that type o content. It is a perfect tool to ensure proper time management for your kid.
    • Remind a kid when he has to execute which type of activity. It is very important for a child, for example, to do the lessons and other tasks on time.

    These are the main functions that Kidslox can fulfill. It is a very beneficial application.

    Gadgets Compatible With Kidslox

    One of the main features of Kidslox is that it is easy to use. It is an application that can be installed on both iOS and Android gadgets. It can work well on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

    A program is available in several subscription options. A person can choose a free 14 days trial period. It is an excellent opportunity to understand if this program is really what you need.

    Later, the user can choose one of several subscription packages. A price per month is very moderate. It is only 3.99 dollars. You can also get a half a year and yearly subscription.

    The most beneficial is a lifetime package. It can be bought for only 79.99 US dollars. It gives a possibility to track your children’s activity form anywhere.

    Kidslox Android app and Kidslox iOs app help to educate your kid. They help to diversify his time with activity that really helps to develop his personality. It is a perfect tool that helps to bring children up. Parental control app will make management of daily activity easier. As soon as you try it, you will see how beneficial it is.