Why Replacement Lenses Might Be Right for You

The majority of adults in the United State wear prescription eyewear.  Most individuals who wear glasses need replacement glasses every 1-3 years.  Often, this means their glasses frames outlive the lenses.  Prescription lenses may need to be replaced due to scratches, breaks, wear, and vision changes.  Consumers plan to spend about $173 on each glasses purchase, which gets very expensive over time.

There are many reasons why others might consider replacement lenses.  This includes replacement lenses as an affordable alternative, an antique or vintage frame preference with a need for modern lenses, or an unavailable favorite style.  Replacement lenses can upgrade any frames to the latest glasses technology. Multifocal lenses are divided into segments to correct vision both near and far; this includes single vision, progressive lenses, and high-index lenses. 

When choosing replacement lenses, you can take your pick of materials and lens coatings for added benefits.  Different lens materials can impact both vision clarity and durability.  LensFactory is able to provide replacement lenses in as little as 5 business days.  After shipping your frames to the lens lab, new lenses are created and fitted into your frames, and your ready to wear frames are shipped back to you.  Upgrade your favorite glasses with new lenses.

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory