Why Telemarketing Software is Essential in Today’s Digital Age


    We live in a time that is referred to as the Digital Age or Information Age because of how prevalent technology has become and how it has accelerated people’s ability to share information. Computer technology has enabled people to get instant access to what they want to know and has also enhanced how quickly consumers can make and receive purchases.

    With things happening so quickly, telemarketing services must be able to keep up with the demands of current-day consumers. That means having the right information at the right time, or else risk losing out on a potential customer to the competition.

    Challenges of a Digital Age Telemarketer

    Unfortunately, too many telemarketing sales reps are overburdened with menial tasks like:

    • Managing clunky workflows
    • Sorting through spreadsheets trying to figure out who to call next
    • Dialing numbers and leaving voice messages
    • Writing emails and text messages 
    • Setting up appointments and sending out reminders

    With all this time spent on these kinds of tasks, a telemarketing service will only be able to get through so many prospects and will likely even lose out on leads.

    Even when a rep connects with a prospect or lead, there are potential issues. For example, if a rep isn’t able to answer a prospect’s questions, or seems not to know anything about them, then the prospect will likely respond negatively and lose interest.

    The Advantage of Telemarketing Software

    VanillaSoft’s user-friendly telemarketing software offers a number of automated features that eliminate busywork and increases the overall performance of sales teams. With this software, telemarketing teams can:

    • Create workflows that incorporate calls and emails in a single platform
    • Send out emails with the click of a button that get auto-populated with contact information
    • Auto-dial contacts and leave pre-recorded voice messages
    • Get connected with the next-best-lead through queue-based lead routing
    • Quickly set appointments and automatically send out reminders
    • Use dynamic scripting to seamlessly adaptto conversations with prospects

    There’s also the added bonus of call recording software that allows you to store calls directly with contact data. Not only is this useful for gathering callinformation, but it also helps telemarketing services monitor their calls and protect themselves in the event of legal troubles.

    The software allows you to sort and listen to recordings based on call outcome, specified date range, or by sales rep, to provide valuable information for training and coaching use. By analyzing successful calls, teams are able to identify what worked and what didn’t, provide additional training, and also use the best calls as examples to inspire the team.

    This kind of data can also be used to identify common pain points and refine the parameters of what sort of personality characteristics your targeted buyers have. With this information, you can also prioritize leads better and create more targeted marketing campaigns. 

    Make Life Easier

    Don’t take for granted how draining menial tasks can be on sales reps. Invest in telemarketing software, and they’ll have more energy to do the work you hired them to do:sell.