Why You Should Buy Clothing Made in the USA

    Made in America—it is something that every American should be proud of as it represents the American dream.

    But the majority of clothes that Americans wear are actually not made in America.

    In the last couple of years, and possibly from the influence of politics around the world, clothing made in the USA has become a huge trend! It is becoming one of the first things shoppers look at the label to see and it has also become a huge part of the ethical labor debate.

    Clothing is part of our everyday life and we all have the power to decide where we buy our clothes from and what type of clothes we want to wear.

    Especially in America, style says a lot about our personality. It even can dictate our popularity in school and the type of jobs we can be a successful interview candidate for. Clothes offer us a sense of identity and confidence. But more often than not, we don’t know enough about how our clothes were made, where our clothes were made and the impacts from production our clothing might have on the environment.

    This is why things, like made in USA clothing wholesale, have become so popular. Because clothing that is actually made in America are so rare. But the clothes that are made in America area also better and we’ll explain why.

    Here are four reasons why you should buy clothes made in the USA.

    1. Made in the USA means better quality

    Buying clothing that is made in America isn’t always the cheapest but it does provide the highest level of quality out there! This is because those that are making your clothes have higher skills, the fabric is of higher quality and there is more craftmanship involved than if your clothes were made by underpaid laborers. It is a guarantee that you really can not get from any other oversees clothing companies. And while the price for clothing made in America might be a bit pricier, the quality is so good that it lasts a whole lot longer. Meaning that t-shirt will likely last you five years rather than five months. So in the end, the price pretty much evens out.

    2. Made in the USA uses fair labor

    When clothes are made in the USA, you know that the people who made it are being paid a fair wage for their labor. This is something that does not normally happen in other countries. Many foreign countries are not very transparent about how they treat their employees. In some cases, minors are making clothes in horrific conditions! This is not the case with clothes made in the USA. You can wear that t-shirt knowing it was made ethically and produced in quality working conditions.

    3. Made in the USA is good for the environment

    When clothes are made in the same country they are sold, there is a whole lot less shipping taking place. This means that there is less flight time, boat time, and road time to get that t-shirt from the manufacturer to the store and then to the new owner. Plus, the working conditions of manufacturers in America are so much better compared to places overseas, meaning a lot fewer fossil fuels are used in the factories! So when you are wearing that t-shirt, you can take comfort in knowing that you played an important role in helping to save the environment and ultimately the world!

    4. Made in the USA feels good

    Seriously, wearing clothes made on home soil gives you a sense of swagger you simply can not get from that t-shirt made in a sweatshop. Maybe because it is that subconscious knowledge that your purchase has helped your economy, it was made with love and craftsmanship, it is of superb quality and it actually has more positive impacts than negative impacts. And ultimately, when you support American companies who employ American workers, you help the American economy. And when the American economy is better, chances are that your livelihood will be better. Meaning that you will probably also be earning more money to further enhance your made in the USA wardrobe!

    We could go on and on about why buying clothes that are made in America is a good decision. But to keep it short and to the point—it is simply a purchase that shows your patriotism and devotion to the country you live in. You can feel good knowing that your purchase helps keep people employed, helps keep the world clean, helps eliminate horrid working conditions overseas, and makes you just look good too!

    Wearing made in the USA clothing is a trend that will hopefully stick around for many years to come and you can help lead the charge! Next time you go clothing shopping, look at the label, and stick to clothes that are made in the good old USA!