Why You Should Consider Moissanite Rings

    Moissanite rings are about the chance to make a commitment to your partner in the most socially and environmentally responsible way possible. It helps that moissanite rings are a much cheaper option compared to diamonds, and they have all the luster of diamonds.

    What Makes Moissanite So Different?

    The cost of extracting, cutting and polishing diamonds is higher than the cost of producing synthetic moissanite in a lab. Although synthetic diamonds and natural moissanite also exist, their quantities are however not as much as natural diamonds and synthetic moissanite. The difference shows in the prices.

    Moissanite gems are not only cheaper than diamonds. They also compete in appearance and have a feel-good story in their favor. Moissanite gems are just as beautiful as diamonds. To those who take gemstones very seriously, moissanite has both beauty and fire.

    In addition to use in jewelry, moissanite is used in making LED lights, abrasives, durable tools and semiconductors. It is also used in body armor, hardware used in astronomy and in some automobile parts especially on high performance vehicles driven by a wealthy primary care physician.

    Why Is Moissanite a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Choice?

    The feel-good story behind moissanite is that it does not invite ethical questions over how they are extracted, produced and polished. They allow for ethical engagements. As you might have noticed, diamonds do not always give such peace of mind especially to those interested in ethical business.

    Why you should consider moissanite

    Besides the cost, aesthetic and ethical qualities, you will  love that moissanite rings give you choice in terms of:

    Color – moissanite – like diamond – is a colorless stone. It has a sparkle that shines in light. However, the bigger the stone, the greater the chances that a grayish, greenish color might show. If what you want is a colorless light, then a small moissanite is best for you.

    Design options – what do you do about the style or your ring? How about the shape and the size? With many gemstones, you are very limited in all these areas. However, moissanite allows much more room to be creative. You can get a customized style and shape to the size of your choice.

    To these general attractions, you will also be pleased to learn that moissanite rings can be:

    • Designed in trendy ways for brides
    • Designed to match your gowns in modern ways
    • Redesigned to improve the level of perfection

    Moissanite is very easy to modify and can be designed to meet your individual requirements. This gives it an advantage over gemstones such as diamonds because diamonds have very limited ways that they can be altered.

    How is it made?

    Natural moissanite is rare. Much of what eventually appears on sale is made in laboratories. Production of moissanite is a relatively new phenomenon. It follows discovery of the rare mineral by Dr Henry Moissan. At the time of the discovery, Dr Moissan had also been theorizing that diamonds could be synthetically made. His discovery and life work eventually inspired scientists who discovered ways of making the moissanite synthetically. Moissanite has since become a readily made, cheaper, equal-quality gemstone with just as much durability as a diamond.