“Why Your Habits Should Outweigh Your Current Beliefs” with Cody Jefferson

Habits accumulate the behaviours that become part of you, that turns out to be almost involuntary. Beliefs are opinions that we end up believing in. we all know of the adage saying that actions speak louder than words, and so does the case with habits and beliefs. A successful entrepreneur, public speaker, life and business coach, Cody Jefferson, emphasises practices are always outweighing our ideas. From his personal story, where he has lived in the dark for a while, went to suffering from depression, self-realisation, and turning to be successful, he explains the power of habits over beliefs.

Cody Jefferson, while creating a thriving career in ministry, also recognized the darker side his personality: the addiction to performance. While focused on being all things to all people, the pressure led him to anxiety, imposter syndrome and eventually sepsis due to the stress of constantly being “on” while walking through divorce, familial loss and being a new dad. He, however, overcame all that, evolving from his 13-year-old career at church to quickly becoming one of the most in-demand life and business strategists and keynote speakers in the country. His high-level mastermind, Lion: Elite, is voted the #1 Group Performance Program for Kingdom-Minded Men looking to LIVE their legacy in life and business. Cody coaches and advises CEO’s, business owners, and entrepreneurs on scaling their business, growing their impact and influence, and how establishing a robust professional/personal life balance will significantly boost the bottom line. 

These are the reasons why Cody Jefferson says habits should be louder than beliefs.

  • Habits make huge differences.

According to a study by Clear, habits are the compound interest of self-improvement, because getting one per cent better every day adds up to a mountain of success in future. If you focused on a  belief that you shouldn’t be broke at a certain age, you could end up being reckless at the decisions you make to attain that success. This recklessness will only cause you pressure and anxiety, that may lead to burnouts and depression. This situation happened with Cody Jefferson, and he hopes no one would go through the worst from it and thus helps entrepreneurs and CEOs. By focusing on habit, you will slowly be making steps towards your significant accomplishments.

  • Habits change your beliefs about yourself.

The best way to change your habits is to focus on who you want to become rather than what you want to achieve. One’s identity shows from their actions, and every step taken vouches for the type of person they will become. To be the best version of you, you need to shape your beliefs continually. Beliefs can be toxic as they may not be facts, and when adopted, can damage your identity and existence. Adopting a habit can be the solution to changing those toxic beliefs. Just as Cody Jefferson left his church career that no longer served him to work on what could best identify him, so is any person out there. Holding on to something that does not help you because of the perception you’ve put in mind will significantly affect your wellbeing.

  •  Beliefs can lead a healthy mental wellbeing

Beliefs may only be opinions and not facts. Acting based on thoughts is harmful to your health as it will cost you so much physical and mental torture, whereas you should live life in a whole different way. Beliefs pressure you to act upon things that need no pace. Most entrepreneurs and especially startups are money-oriented, and anything they do is to make money and more money with their brands having less positioning in the market. This act is a sure road to depression as things may not turn out as expected, which costs you resources, time, and effort. This state ends up being a torment to your mind and body. 

Habit, on the other hand, makes processes more comfortable and move at a reasonable speed. You may not see immediate results with the practice, but in no time, you will have achieved your dream without you realising it. It is a slow but sure process. It saves people from pressures, anxiety and depression and also allows for time to bond with friends and family, a tactic that is healthy for the mind and body.    


Considering that beliefs are just opinions, it is, therefore, necessary to focus on habits that gradually leads to your success. The end purpose of practices is to solve life problems with as little energy and effort as possible. You can reach out to Cody Jefferson here.