Why Your Performance Wear Should Be Made From Bamboo

    Stepping foot into your local big box sporting goods store, the one thing you may notice is the abundance of performance wear.  Nearly half the store is composed of athletic apparel and the choices seem endless.  Labels are always a go to, but sometimes a name is just a name.  Do they provide you with the fit and feel required for the active lifestyle you lead or want to participate in?  Are you being charged simply for name brand but the quality is little to be desired?  There is a bright light emerging from the world of performance apparel and that is in the form of bamboo.  Bamboo, as in what pandas eat, you ask?  Yes!  That incredibly delicious yet versatile fiber is indeed the newest development in athletic wear.  Let us dazzle you with the many innovative features that manufacturing garments utilizing bamboo can provide.  


    Probably one of the most emerging features that consumers are concerned with is how things are produced.  Our planet is declining at an alarming rate due to farming, population, pollution, etc.  Many practices used to manufacture garments highly contribute to these growing problems.  For decades, society took a blind eye to how garments were produced and little was known about the impact these processes would have on our environment.  In this new era of focused environmentalism, people seek ways to give back or strive to lower their carbon footprint with the purchases they make.  Bamboo is a naturally derived fiber, which does not require the destruction of the environment to produce nor chemicals to enhance it’s natural attributes.  Synthetic fabrics can take up to 100+ years to decompose in landfills where garments currently comprise 5% of the garbage.  Utilizing a natural fiber like bamboo is not only a less harmful manufacturing practice, it is also known as being a biodegradable material.  


    The way bamboo feels is like none other.  The smooth, naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor absorbing fabric gives the sensation of utter luxurious comfort, without the overrated high-end price tag.  Most performance wear that tout the features of moisture-wicking and odor absorbing are chemically enhanced to do so.  These man-made fabrics are not only hazardous to the environment when produced but also not recyclable when discarded.  Not to mention, do we truly want to be sweating in clothes soaked in chemicals?  


    No matter what your activity, bamboo athletic wear is an ideal fit.  From outdoor to indoors, it can be made of varying weights, blends and textures to suit your needs.  If your preference is for outdoor activities, bamboo performance wear also provides 50+ UV protection.  A feature that normally would have to be chemically treated with other fabrics, can be done naturally with bamboo.  Either way, quality is never compromised as the way the fibers are woven creates a distinctly comfortable feel, making it perfect for an active lifestyle.  The added benefits that bamboo fabric incorporates is the quintessential attire every active person should seek when searching for the appropriate go-to gear.  

     While it may not have been on the forefront of what you thought you were searching for in regards to performance wear, having these helpful tidbits about the fabric hopefully makes your choice more clear.  For a natural, ultra-comfortable, sustainable, and versatile option for activewear, the choice can’t be more obvious than seeking out bamboo.  You will feel it’s superior quality the minute it touches your skin, thus truly allowing you to live the vibrantly active life you wanted to lead in complete utter luxury.