Why Your Wedding Socks Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

    There is much to ponder in the time leading up to your big day. There are the flowers and the photographers and the seating chart, the vows, and maybe even paying for the wedding. There is also the cool stuff like the cake, the music, the food, and the drinks! You also have to think about your tux and what your groomsmen will be wearing. With all this going on, it is no surprise that some things get pushed to the back burner in the wedding day planning and become afterthoughts that don’t get taken care of until the wedding day has almost arrived.

    One factor that often gets relegated to afterthought status is the finer points of your wardrobe. Sure, the tux, the shirt and tie, and even the shoes get planned well in advance, but many of the smaller details and accessories can get lost in the shuffle. One of the biggest things guys tend to ignore until the very end is their choice of socks for the wedding ceremony and reception.

    While this is common, it shouldn’t be. Socks should not be an outfit afterthought; they should be a key piece in putting your wedding day outfit together. Thinking about your sock choice well in advance is a key detail that can take your wedding day look from ordinary to extraordinary. This is incredibly important because the pictures of this day will live on forever. Here are all the reasons why your wedding socks shouldn’t be an afterthought.

    Socks can be memorable  

    When your wedding socks become an afterthought, it is easiest to default to plain black socks. The fact that most tuxedo rental shops provide customers with plain black socks as part of the tuxedo package should illustrate just how big an issue socks as an afterthought can be. Next time you go to a wedding, check out the groom’s socks. Chances are, they are plain black.

    This is not to put down a crisp pair of plain black socks. These socks should be an integral part of any guy’s sock drawer. There are plenty of times and places that a plain black sock is ideal. Events that are very solemn or incredibly elegant are perfect times to wear black socks. These socks say, “this event is very serious” and your outfit is showing that.

    Your wedding day should not be in this category. Sure, it is a serious day and probably a classy affair. But, it should also be fun and represent you and your partner’s personalities and individuality. This is why your wedding is a perfect time to wear a pair of cool and memorable socks.

    You can wear graphic socks that represent something you love or socks in your favorite color. A classic tux/socks combination, though, is to rock a pair of argyle socks. A sharp pair of argyle socks that match the color scheme of your wedding is the perfect way to keep your socks in line with how sophisticated you want your wedding to be while still doing something unique. Check out the wide range of argyle socks at No Cold Feet to get an idea of the possibilities.

    Socks can complement your partner 

    At a traditional wedding, you wear an outfit in one style and your partner wears a very different style. While this is no longer always the case, the most common wedding attire is still a white dress for the bride and some sort of dark tux for the groom. Usually, there are parts of the tux that play off of the general wedding color scheme. Whether it is the color of the tie, the cummerbund, suspenders or even the pinstripe or trim, the wedding theme is generally represented.

    Tradition also dictates that the bride has a number of special items – something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – as well. Socks are a great way for guys to have a little something special in their outfit that can be special to both you and your spouse-to-be.

    We’re not advocating here for you to borrow a pair of socks from your new father-in-law (hey, whatever works). But, you should get your partner involved in picking your socks for some reason that is meaningful to the two of you. Maybe it is their favorite color or it is coordinated with something small they are wearing. Whatever you decide, your socks make a great statement piece to tell your partner you are thinking about them when planning your outfit.

    Socks can coordinate your wedding party

    On your wedding day, you will look great. Your partner will look stunning. The bridesmaids dresses will be on point. Your groomsmen will be… well, they’ll be your buddies. Most people have that one buddy – or the whole group of buddies – that your partner is a little worried about for the big day. Will they show up on time? Will they keep it under control at the reception? And, how will they look?

    Although you can’t ensure your problem groomsman won’t be late for the chapel and it will be hard to tell the bartender to cut him off late at night, what you can control is that he looks good standing with you at the altar and in the pictures that precede and follow. In fact, getting all your groomsmen stylish, matching socks is a great way to ensure everyone looks on point and your group of dudes looks like a cohesive unit up there in the front of the room. Your partner will thank you and so will your buddies because their smooth sock game gets them looking so good that even the bridesmaids or single friends take notice!


    The truth is that there will be plenty of things that get relegated to the land of afterthought on your wedding day. Things like that last-minute invite to a cousin with whom you aren’t that close to the tip for the bus driver will always be left until the bitter end. Don’t let your socks fall on this list. A great pair of socks will make your wedding day outfit pop and you will forever look great in the pictures with your fashionable footwear.