Wrongful Death Lawyers in Houston

    Just in 2012, 176 car accidents resulted in death in Houston, Texas. Ninety-four of these accidents were at the hands of a drunk driver. When death happens because of a drunk driver, it can be considered a wrongful death. Wrongful death means that it happens at the hands of another person. So, drunk driving is just one situation that can result in wrongful death.

    Wrongful deaths in Houston happen when someone dies from the mistakes, carelessness, and negligence. Some possible types and causes of wrongful death cases:

    1. Criminal Acts
    2. Car Accidents
    3. Defective Products
    4. Construction Accidents (Falls and Heavy Machinery Mishaps)
    5. Semi-Truck Wrecks
    6. Dangerous Drugs
    7. Workplace Injury
    8. Negligence

    When the family member who has died due to carelessness is the sole financial provider, it can damage the family emotionally and economically. Legal action won’t be able to bring our loved ones back, but it can create comfort for the family’s future. The compensation will validate their love one’s death and begin the grieving process. A civil lawsuit will ensure justice for wrongful death.

    The compensation amount will be based on the income and financial support of the deceased. It may include the costs of burial and medical costs. It also includes compensation for pain and suffering. Lastly, it could include punitive damages to punish the opposite party for their neglect. 

    Your lawyer, the court, and the defendant will all argue their cases and settle on an award amount. It may go to courts if I cannot be settled beforehand. If it goes to court, the judge may decide the amount of compensation that will be given. 

    A wrongful death suit can only be filed by parents, children, or a spouse. You must be able to prove that the death was due to the negligence of others. An example would be a construction site not getting a mandatory inspection of scaffolding, and it collapsed, killing your loved one.

    It’s important to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure victory in the case. When you contact a lawyer quickly, they can act as a liaison with insurance and other companies involved. Have a lawyer quick allows everyone to conclude together since insurance companies only look out for themselves and aim to pay as little as possible.

    Wrongful death lawyers are common in Houston because the city is so large. They understand what it means to grieve and be hurt from a death and want to be there for you as much as possible. Without a lawyer you are bound to get ripped off by the insurance companies.