Yellowstone Capital LLC Reviews Leading Small Businesses in New York & New Jersey

    New York and New Jersey are home to many diverse companies that are on their way to make it to the top. Here is a review on a few such companies that are poised to do great things in the next few years:

    New York City

    • The Wing: A social club for women, Wing is a company that provides free co-working spaces to its members. It also offers a lot other things such as movie screenings, community volunteer opportunities, speaking events, and happy hours for a membership fee that ranges between $2,350 and $2,700 per year.
    • HungryRoot: If you thought health food was boring and tasteless, you will change your opinion once you try the ready-to-cook products of Hungryroot. A direct-to-consumer set-up, Hungryroot today has started selling its products through Fresh Direct, Amazon Fresh, and a lot of Whole Foods Stores.
    • Jopwell: A job hunting site, Jopwell focuses on helping minorities such as Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans find internships and great jobs in the tech industry. Launched in 2015, the company has managed to establish connections with high-profile companies, taking its number of connections to more than 15,000.
    • Pilot: An internet service provider, Pilot aims at helping startups get internet access. It makes high-speed internet accessible and affordable by finding and leasing unused fiber optic cable. After extending its operations to Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, this NYC startup has helped more than 1,000 offices use high-speed internet.
    • Warp + Weft: A startup founded by veterans of premium denim industry, Warp + Weft offers high-quality denim at low-cost for people of all shapes and sizes. Apart from the reasonable pricing, it is its focus on inclusivity that sets this startup apart. They are into selling jeans and shorts priced less than $100 right now; but very soon they will be including jackets, jumpsuits and denim skirts to their kitty.

    New Jersey

    • Wattvision: A company that is into making sensors and software, Wattvision helps businesses as well as individual consumers save a lot of money on energy. By using a sensor that connects to the electricity meter and wireless internet connection, they give live feedback via web or phone on energy use.
    • Recombine: A genetic testing company, Recombine offers clinical genetic testing in a responsible, comprehensive, and cost-effective way. Their first product, CarrierMap is a great hit among many physicians across the world.
    • SpeechTrans: One of the most advanced speech-to-speech translators, SpeechTrans enables its users to have complete meaningful conversations with anyone from any part of the world. It incorporates latest S2S (speech-2-speech) translation software, text-to-speech (TTS), automatic speech recognition (ASR), and language translation tools to make this possible.
    • Lozo: Lozo brings to you reliable grocer coupons from many brands and trustworthy sites across the web. All you need to do is enter your grocery list at and wait for them to email you the links to the coupons that match the various items on your list. You can also rely on it for some amazing money-saving tips.
    • Sterra Climb: A Princeton-based Robotics company, Sterra Climb is the one that has invented world’s first robotic stair-climbing transporter. It has successfully solved the problem of transporting heavy goods across stairs.

    There are many more such startups with brilliant ideas, across NYC and New Jersey. But most of them fail in the first year of their incorporation owing to the lack of funding. Yellowstone Capital LLC is one of the best places small businesses in need of capital can contact, for instant access to funds.