3 Professional SEO Tips from our Orange County Company SEO Agency

    As a professional SEO agency in Orange County with over 10 years of experience, we know exactly what Google and Bing want from your site in 2020. Below, we want to show you 3 crucial SEO tips that you should follow in 2020 in order to stay ahead of the curve and outperform your competitors. If you have asked yourself if you need SEO, please take a look at these Professional SEO Tips by this Orange County company SEO Agency.

    1. Ensure your Page Loads Quickly

    No matter how good the content on your main page is or how cool is the animation, most people will not even reach your site if it loads slowly. This is especially true for mobile users, who want websites to load in less than 3 seconds. Fortunately, you now have Google AMP, which enables your mobile-optimized site to load super-fast.

    For desktop, make sure you minimize the images and cache the content on the page so that the site loads super-fast. Additionally, make sure to clean the code and install an SSL certificate.

    2. Write Content for the Users

    In 2020, Google is much more poised on ranking up sites that create engaging content than websites that have a lot of the “right keywords”. Optimizing for keywords should be your last worry. Simply write for the end-user and make sure your content is helpful, relevant and provides value to the end-user.

    If Google sees that your site visitors read your content and interact with it, they will automatically rank your site higher in SERPs.

    3. Focus on Authority

    Every mention of your brand on social platforms, blogs, Google Maps or review sites increases your authority. Brand authority has now become a very important ranking signal. To boost your authority, make sure you create a lot of internal links inside your site, together with links pointing to your site from social media and review sites.

    Also focus on growing your local presence and boosting your Google My Business listing, which will bring you even more authority.