4 Novels That Empower and Inspire

    If you’re looking for a book that will inspire, captivate, and motivate you, look no further. These books capture inspiration in four unique and different ways. Whether you need the motivation to follow through on your goals or the inspiration to take the next step in fulfilling your destiny, you’ll find it here. Get empowered, get inspired, get reading!


    Raye Mitchell Esq. is Advocating for Women to Move Mountains

    Raye Mitchell Esq. is the author of the The Sculpting Life Above Average series. Her books focus on helping women build their credibility and influence by telling their story, live their truth, be believed, and guard their health and wellbeing in the process. The series also works to help black women and girls rise up, reclaim their power and improve their overall wellness. Mitchell’s dream is to help women use the tools needed to live with health, wellness, and leadership in mind. She believes women can use their unique contributions to propel themselves forward. Her current books, Invisible No More. Empowering Young Black Women and Girls to Rise Up as Leaders, When They Go Low, We Go High: How Women of Color Master the Art of Persuasion to Win Big Battles, and How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength are inspired by the belief that women can move mountains, change outcomes and upend the status quo.


    Laurie Finkelstein Tells Her Story

    Laurie Finkelstein, author of Next Therapist Please, mirrors her own life’s struggles and hardships in the inspirational and hilarious book Next Therapist Please. Her goal is to break the stigma of mental illness. Finkelstein started writing a series of journal entries as a way to cope with her own personal challenges. Amongst these are OCD, depression, anxiety, and the hardships of raising a special needs child. She decided to share her stories so that those struggling with similar issues could find comfort in knowing they are not alone. 10% of each purchase of Next Therapist Please is donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, an organization dedicated to helping people affected by mental illness. Finkelstein’s story is empowering readers to share their story of mental illness with the world.


    Laurel Anne Hill Tells the Story of a Strong Young Woman

    The Engine Woman’s Light is set in an alternate reality 19th century California. In this world, the main character, Juanita, must rise above the obstacles standing in her way to save and protect the defenseless. Her path is filled with hardships and those who wish stop her, but Juanita must overcome and adapt in order to carry on. As the story progresses, Juanita learns awful truths about her past and her family history, but as her inner strength grows so does her understanding of her place in history. Hill hopes to inspire people around the world. The Engine Woman’s Light shows its readers that redemption is possible, and love is eternal.


    Journeyman, The Life Worth Starting Over

    Mark J. Rose, author of Journeyman, tells the story of a simple 21st century man plucked from our existence and dropped in colonial America. His life back home revolved around his 9-5 job, his outgoing and outrageous girlfriend, and parties that were a little too wild for his liking. Matt Miller soon finds himself in a time where society is at the brink of creating the strongest government the world has ever seen. Matt must decide if his old life is worth returning to or if he can thrive in this simple existence. Winner of the prestigious Irwin Award, the Matt Miller in the Colonies series inspires us to evaluate the comforts of our life and decide what is most important.