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  • Tracing the Rise of Civilization and Culture from out of Africa in Our African Unconscious The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology by Dr. Edward Bynum

    Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum explores the rise of civilization expanding to Asia, Europe and the world over with their roots in Africa in his book Our African Unconscious – The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology. Dr. Bynum’s discussion of depth psychology, DNA research and spirituality based on religion among other topics will leave many […]

  • Reasons The Commander Is Worth A Read!

    The biggest highlight of a book for me is the fact that there is always more to explore. I love to invest myself in a good series because that way, I can get invested in the characters and build a bond with their arch which comes to a satisfying conclusion. The fact that the Omni […]

  • Highly Recommended Cutting Edge Self-help Books in the Times of COVID

    Have you had enough of the binge-watching, untimely meals, lack of confidence, and relatively cranky last couple of weeks? Perfect! While self-awareness is a great place to start, we have some specially curated, cutting-edge self-help books to help you reinvent yourself in these challenging times.   Surviving Remote Work by Sharon Koifman We’ve all had […]

  • Celebrate All Things Spooky at The BookFest

    the BookFest

    Are you ready for Halloween? Celebrate all things spooky with The BookFest®! The scariest holiday of the year is almost upon us, and things look a little different this time around. Trick or treating is canceled in a lot of cities and people can only see your costumes from far away. Instead of giving up […]

  • The ORG, Protests, and Lessons From the Past

    Scott Brody’s The ORG has proven to be a timely release. Set in the near future, The ORG revolves around the political elements in a polarized society rocked by extreme social forces and the rapid deterioration of the environment by climate change, which has spiraled entirely out of control. At the same time part political […]

  • Angels in the Mist: Defining Speculative Fiction

    Sci-fi aficionados often define good sci-fi/fantasy as that which is immersive, expansive, and, most of all, believable. To less casual readers of the genre, this can seem an oxymoron. At its core, is not sci-fi and fantasy a form of escapism? But the answer, like the genre itself, is more nuanced than a binary choice. […]

  • NJ Ayuk’s newest book, Billions at Play, hits Amazon Best Seller

    For weeks Billions at Play held three number one spots on Amazon: African Politics, Oil and Energy Industry, and Natural Resource Extraction Industry. Today, the Kindle Edition of Billions at Play, is still a number one in New Release. NJ’s first book Big Barrels: African Oil & Gas and the Quest for Prosperity, prior to […]

  • 3 Books Your Guy Wants for Valentine’s Day

    Guys need some love on Valentine’s Day too, skip the roses and chocolates and get him a gift that will last. Grab your guy a new book for Valentine’s Day. Check out these three newly released books he’ll love.   Last Call America In Last Call by Debra Tash America is run by a totalitarian […]

  • 4 Novels That Empower and Inspire

    If you’re looking for a book that will inspire, captivate, and motivate you, look no further. These books capture inspiration in four unique and different ways. Whether you need the motivation to follow through on your goals or the inspiration to take the next step in fulfilling your destiny, you’ll find it here. Get empowered, […]