3 Books Your Guy Wants for Valentine’s Day

    Guys need some love on Valentine’s Day too, skip the roses and chocolates and get him a gift that will last. Grab your guy a new book for Valentine’s Day. Check out these three newly released books he’ll love.


    Last Call America

    In Last Call by Debra Tash America is run by a totalitarian dictatorship masquerading as Homeland security. Citizens are living under martial law, stripped of their rights, starved, and forced to work where the government sees fit. An unlikely alliance between a foot solider and a diner owner change everything. Captain Jason Poole and Rebecca Sanders join forces and start the next American civil war. Lives are lost when the newest weapon of mass destruction is used, but will it be enough to bring freedom back to the USA?




    The Lonely Hearts Bar

    Connie is studying film and screenwriting in the movie capitol of the world, California. On her way to college she meets David, a barfly that is much too young to be drinking away his sorrows in an old tavern. The reader peals away the onion that is David’s life through the eyes of Connie. Connie, David and Lee are three young adults that become fast friends while trying to figure out life. Check out The Lonely Hearts Bar by Konni Granma.





    Journeyman by Mark J. Rose is the first of the Matt Miller in the Colonies series. Matt Miller mysteriously finds himself in a barn in the middle of know where. Soon the puzzle pieces fall together as he realizes somehow, he traveled back in time to Colonial America. With nothing but a few modern necessities like his phone and wallet, he realizes his money and identity are completely useless. Now Matt is forced to learn how to survive in a time he’s only read about in history books. Will his twenty-first century knowledge come in handy or make him an outsider in this traditional society?