Netbase Social Listening Tools : Listen Up To Learn

    Today, businesses are taking advantage of social media to not only grow but also improve on their services and products. Social media listening or social listening is a great tool that makes all of this possible. It’s easy to mistake social media monitoring to be the same as social listening. True, they are closely related, but they are also quite different. For a business, while monitoring focuses on replying to incoming comments and questions on your brand, listening is all about extracting the vital insights from the social conversations. These vital insights can then be applied to the business’s overall strategy.

    I guess the question on your mind now is, what is social listening? It can be described as the process of keeping tabs on conversations following specific topics, phrases, keywords, industries, and brands. In addition, you have to leverage the insights you have gotten from the process to discover more opportunities. Through leveraging these insights can also be used to curate content for the business’s audience. Social listening goes beyond just tracking conversations and includes paying attention to what people are saying in those conversations about your product, brand and also you. Netbase is one of the top companies that provide tools that enable businesses to get the best out of their social listening.

    Benefits of social media listening to a business

    For the best results, a business should combine social media listening with monitoring. Through paying attention and listening to the conversations about your business, there are a lot of accrued benefits. These benefits are:

    Keep tabs on your overall brand health

    By following the conversations about your brand and listening to what the market says, you can be able to keep tabs on your overall brand health. Being able to track your brand’s overall health means that you can able to get insights on how to improve it. Additionally, you can be able to catch any negativity that may affect your brand health and work towards mitigating it. On the other hand, you can also be able to pick any positivity and maximize on it to promote your brand.

    Curate content that your audience wants

    It’s can be pretty hard for you as a business to know what your audience wants from you if you do not pay attention to what they say. Social listening helps you understand what your audience wants in terms of content, and therefore you can then easily go ahead provide them with it. This doing will go a long way in building brand loyalty among your audience.

    Coming up with ideas for marketing campaigns

    By paying attention to what your market says in their online conversations through social listening, you will get insights into what they want. These are insights that you can easily leverage to come up with ideas for your marketing campaigns. You can be confident that these campaigns will be effective as they will address exactly what your market wants to hear and listen.

    Aid in strategic product decisions

    Through social media listening, your business can easily make strategic product decisions. This allows you to make informed decisions that are likely to improve the appeal of your product to its market. Additionally, these decisions can help your product gain strategic market advantage over its competitors.

    About Netbase

    Netbase is a company that provides social analytic solutions and tools to businesses. Thanks to the quality of the products this company was named Forrester Social Listening Platform Wave Leader for Q3 of 2018. Some of these social analytics solutions and tools provider’s notable clients are Coca-Cola, Lloyds Bank, McCann, Arby’s, Saatchi & Saatchi and Credit Suisse.