Tracing the Rise of Civilization and Culture from out of Africa in Our African Unconscious The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology by Dr. Edward Bynum

    Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum explores the rise of civilization expanding to Asia, Europe and the world over with their roots in Africa in his book Our African Unconscious – The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology. Dr. Bynum’s discussion of depth psychology, DNA research and spirituality based on religion among other topics will leave many readers more curious about our common ancestry than before reading his book. 

    Slow Dispersal and Migration from East Africa Left Fossils and Clues in Its Wake

    Our African Unconscious shows the slow dispersal and migration that took place from the rise of early humans from East Africa in their many stages to modern man today. Homo habilis was the tool user, while Homo erectus was an upright standing man who first started the migration out of Africa, the latter possibly arising 1.7 million years ago, according to Dr. Bynum’s research. Dr. Bynum details these changes in that Homo erectus moved into Asia through the Middle East and into Europe through a link between African and Spain. From the Middle East and Asia they also spanned out to the Philippines and Australia. With much research, Dr. Bynum shows the archaeological remains that were left throughout Israel, China and India. 

    A World of Culture, Spirituality and Civilization Stem from One Root

    Dr. Bynum details that though the first Homo sapiens sapiens didn’t occur until 25,000 years ago, the first Americans appeared approximately 36,000 years ago and were Black. From This fertile area, through Egypt, the Greeks melded and cross fertilization took place where new learnings were possible such as the Greek alphabet derived from the Phoenicians and their mathematics and astronomy from the Egyptians. Dr. Bynum goes on to discuss the civilizations that first emerged in China and Japan as having African features; “Black with woolly hair.” Furthermore, Our African Unconscious explores that even in England, Greenland, Scotland and Ireland that there were “reports of Africoid groups and individuals.” Readers will grasp how Dr. Bynum has examined and weaved humanity’s history through archaeological finds and DNA research. 

    Through This Fascinating Journey We Find Unity and Kinship. 

    Through this fascinating journey through time and history we find unity and kinship. Readers who are open minded enough to look into humanity’s past will find much to explore in Our African Unconscious – The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology. Dr. Bynum’s passion shows in his writing due to the depth of his research. Learn more about Dr. Edward Bynum and his other works at his website.