Author Spotlight: Anika Savoy

    Great news for paranormal fans: Anika Savoy’s paranormal-historical book is just around the corner! 

    International author Anika Savoy is set to release the first book in her highly anticipated Unguided Series, The Ghost in Her, this January 3rd, 2023, under Inkspell Publishing. The Ghost in Her follows the story of Maggie O’Connor, who comes from a long line of Irish female seers. Maggie doesn’t wish to encounter ghosts, yet there is nothing she can do to stop them from following her around New York City in the late 1800s. After witnessing the death of her sister Nessa due to giving birth, Maggie has no choice but to face life while taking care of her sister’s baby. When a wicked neighbor kidnaps her sister’s baby, Maggie’s life goes from bad to worse. With the help of a handsome lad, Gershom, the son of Maggie’s employer, they race together to rescue the stolen baby. That is, if Maggie managed to escape the madhouse, she’s sentenced to on Blackwell Island. Will they be able to retrieve the lost baby? 

    Now that we know the premise of The Ghost in Her, let’s learn more about author Anika Savoy.

    Anika Savoy is an award-winning author and attorney who has always felt a supernatural pull. Anika Savoy is a healthy skeptic, and she can’t deny her near-death experience and the shift it made in her life and writing. Anika attended McGill University and graduated in 1988 with a B.A. in English Literature. While at McGill, she won several creative writing contests. After that, she wrote three historical romance novels. In 1998, Anika changed course and pursued her lifelong dream of becoming an attorney. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati, College of Law, with Dean’s Honors in 2001 and practiced law for almost 20 years. Now, Anika returns to her first love: historical writing romance. She endeavors to add paranormal elements that take readers into a fairy tale universe where ghosts and witches exist, and happy endings abound. 

    Aside from the Ungilded Series, Anika has written other past novels under Anne K. Howard. One of them is the non-fiction book titled His Garden: Conversations with a Serial Killer, which is the winner of the 2022 NYC Big Book Award, 2020 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD, and 2018 LITERARY EXCELLENCE PENCRAFT AWARD. Another one is Escape from Mariupol: A Survivor’s True Story, which is the tale of her perilous journey to freedom. It is an incredible tale of a brave young woman’s indomitable will to survive. This one is a must-read for those who appreciate books about extraordinary courage. Make sure to check these books as well.

    The Ghost in Her is the first in Anika Savoy’s Ungilded Series. Explore more about this Series on Anika Savoy’s website.

    You can check out and pre-order The Ghost in Her on Amazon. The kindle version only retails for $3.49. Make sure to get it!

    For more information about Anika Savoy, you can visit her on her website and personal blog. You may also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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