How to File a Car Insurance Claim After an Accident

    Being in a car accident is never a good thing. Even in the most minor of accidents, there still follows a hefty to-do list of tasks to get yourself back on the road properly. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may be overwhelmed to know where to start and how to go about filing an insurance claim. Here are 6 key steps for navigating the process of filing a car insurance claim after an accident:

    Contact Your Insurance Provider

    Immediately contact your insurance provider, even if you weren’t at fault. You need to inform your provider of the accident quickly, as many insurance providers have time limits for filing a claim and reporting an accident. The sooner you let your insurance provider know, the better chance you have of settling your claim in a timely manner, especially if there are insurance covered repairs involved.

    Gather Information

    As soon as possible, gather contact information and details about the other driver(s) involved in the accident – also remember to get pictures of any visible damage done to cars/property if you are able. The more information you are able to provide up front to your claim adjuster, the better. These representatives are tasked with finding every detail about that accident to accurately settle the claim and helping them, helps you.

    Document Details

    Document as much of the accident and its aftermath as you can – this includes taking pictures, collecting contact information from any eyewitnesses present at the scene, and jotting down notes about how it happened and what was said after. This can help support your claim if there is a dispute later on.

    File A Police Report

    Fill out a police report, if applicable. There may be many circumstances in which you feel like the police do not need to be involved, smaller accidents, fender benders, etc. However, you can never go wrong involving the police, as having a documented report of what happened by a law official may just help you in the event of a dispute down the line. Depending on the severity and type of accident, you may need to file an official police report – be sure to look into your local laws for guidance in this area.

    Complete All Claim Related Paperwork

    Complete all necessary paperwork relating to the claim accurately and promptly. This will include submitting an accident claim form with your insurance company, as well as providing any other documents they request. Photos, police reports, etc, all these things should be handing in at the same time to expedite the process.

    Keep Tabs On Claim Progress

    Stay in touch with your insurer and keep them updated on the progress of your claim – this will ensure it is processed quickly and efficiently. You should also be sure to read all communication from your insurance company carefully and respond promptly to any questions or requests for additional information. This can help prevent delays in the claim process.

    By following these 6 steps, you should be able to navigate the insurance claim process after an accident with relative ease. Your car insurance provider will be there to guide you, and it’s important that you stay in close contact with them throughout the process. Good luck!