5 Cybersecurity Measures Your Business Needs in 2021

    As businesses adapt to new working methods and workforces become more distributed, the risk of a cyberattack has never been prevalent. To keep your company and your customers secure, take a look at the 5 cybersecurity measures you need in 2021:

    1. Use Multi-Factor Authentication

    When employees access software, data, or platforms as part of their jobs, it’s important to ensure their credentials are verified. Multi-factor authentication requires users to present two or more verifications before they are granted access. Instead of simply entering a password, for example, users may be asked to input a one-time code that’s sent via SMS or email. 

    Alternatively, biometrics, such as voice recognition or fingerprint scanners, can be used to facilitate multi-factor authentication on-site or when employees are working remotely. 

    2. Train Employees on How to Recognize Attacks and Implement Secure Practices

    The majority of data breaches actually occur due to employee error, which highlights why it’s so important to train your staff in secure IT practices. When workers understand why secure practices, such as changing their password regularly, are required, they’re more likely to implement them. 

    Similarly, educating your staff about cyberattacks and teaching them how to recognize the signs of a phishing attack or malware, ensures that they’re an extra line of defense for your business. 

    3. Utilize Cloud Backups

    Data security is a major issue for today’s businesses, particularly as data legislation is increasing all the time. To mitigate potential losses, use cloud backups to store data in a secure, off-site location. Not only will you be able to recover your data in the event of a cyberattack or IT system failure, but you’ll also be able to access, modify and save data from any location. 

    4. Complete Regular Vulnerability Assessments

    A vulnerability assessment gives you the opportunity to identify potential security weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and rectify them before disaster strikes. With routine vulnerability assessments, you can identify and analyze the risks that your system presents and decide how to mitigate them. Crucially, this allows you to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity, instead of being reactive when an attack or data breach occurs. 

    5. Work with a Dedicated IT Provider Experienced in Cybersecurity

    The vast majority of businesses don’t have the in-house resources and expertise to implement their own effective cybersecurity strategies, but this needn’t prevent you from securing your IT infrastructure.

    By working with an experienced Las Vegas IT company, you can ensure that your cybersecurity protocols are keeping your systems secure. From threat protection to data encryption, you can access a full range of cybersecurity services when you partner with a specialist cybersecurity IT company. 

    Keep Your Business Secure

    Both companies and individuals face a wide range of cybersecurity threats and attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Whether lax employee online security or an unsecured cloud server puts your business at risk, the results can be catastrophic. Fortunately, you can prevent a cyberattack from bringing your operations to a halt by implementing effective cybersecurity measures now.