5 Employee Benefits That Competitive Jobs Are Providing

    Employees are the backbone of any company and to gain their loyalty and maintain them, many companies offer employee benefits at competitive rates. There are a variety of employee benefits that you could receive as part of your package deal if hired for a job. What employee benefits make you want to work for certain companies? Let’s take a look:

    1. Group Health Insurance

    Group health insurance is offered to employees at a rate that employees may not be able to obtain if they were on their own. This type of insurance provides you with the ability to visit any medical practitioner you want without having to worry about using your own money for treatments or procedures. You can use your employee benefit group health insurance at any time.

    2. Paid Sick leave

    Paid sick leave is given to employees who are unable to work for an extended amount of time due to medical reasons or other concerns that require them to stay at home throughout the duration of their illness. Paid sick leave is usually offered in increments of 1-6 days per year, depending on the employee and the company.

    3. Gym Membership

    Some companies provide gym membership for employees to use at their leisure. This employee benefit is a great way for someone who likes to workout and stay fit, but doesn’t have time in their schedule during the week due to work commitments, can use it on weekends or go after hours if they so desire.

    4. Employee Discounts

    Many companies offer employee discounts to their employees for shopping at certain stores, restaurants or online retailers. The employee discount is a great employee benefit which gives workers the ability to save money by receiving a percentage off of products they may want to purchase.

    5. Retirement Plan

    Retirement plans are offered by many companies to help secure the future for their employee’s retirement. Many companies offer 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, and 457 deferred compensation plans to employees who are looking forward to growing their money throughout the course of working at the company. A good example of this is the Chevron pension fund, which employees of the company are able to pay into in order to secure their retirement. By allowing employees to contribute pre-tax dollars into these accounts they can save money that would have otherwise been taxed at the employee’s income bracket.

    Talk to a group health insurance broker to learn more about employee benefits and employee health plans. Group health insurance works by giving small employee groups the benefit of purchasing group coverage for similar employees at other companies. A group plan allows employers to offer their employees a variety of other employee benefits such as dental, vision, life insurance and other options at competitive group rates.